Is Gwadar new town phase 5 is suitable for buying purpose?

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    Saad 2 years ago

    Prices in Gwadar city get double in a month. I want to buy a commercial plot here. Can anybody tell me, what kind of risks are involved If I buy a commercial plot?

  • S
    Sohaib 2 years ago

    yes it is suitable, because it is said to be the future Dubai of Asia.

  • J
    Jawad 2 years ago

    in my opinion, you should think of buying any property in that area cz it is in developing stages and is seen as a financial hub in future.

  • L
    Liaquat 2 years ago

    I heard that all of its projects and its phases are being done with extra care, so I think it won't be wrong if I recommend you of buying a property in Gwadar

  • S
    Shehzad 2 years ago

    not only this phase any of its phases are suitable to buy a property there.

  • S
    Shahmeer 2 years ago

    Government and China are showing their great interests in this project of Gawadar so definitely it would lead to something big. So it is the right time to buy property there in Gawadar.

  • S
    Sheheryar 2 years ago

    It is definitely a suitable place to buy property.

  • M
    Mustafa 2 years ago

    yes it is suitable because China being one of the strongest country is giving hype to this project because this project is benefiting them more, so this is definitely going to end in success.

  • A
    Abbas 2 years ago

    I think gawadar project is going very fine uptil now so hoping best for the future. It won't be a loss to buy any property in Gawadar at the moment.

  • S
    Saqib 2 years ago

    Gawadar new town phase 5 is one of the finest place would improve more with time, so I think it is a good option.

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