is it true Bahria gives you plot on lease only?

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  • Usman 2 years ago

    I heard that no one is owner of their plots in bahria and plots are sold on 99 years long lease?

  • Arshad 2 years ago

    Yes, same what I understand. Land ownership remains in the name of Ali Malik S/O Malik Riaz. Because of this reason no bank will give you house loan. 



  • Osama 2 years ago

    I also heard that malik Riaz (owner of BT) is trying to open his own bank for financing these houses and also finding new ways to get more billions from common Pakistanis.


  • Asad 2 years ago

    Malik Riaz has just purchased escortss bank. By the way all generic public and possession is withheld with society. Individuals just get qabza.

  • Mohsin 2 years ago

    Not only Bahria town but all properties in Pakistan lease for 99 years to citizens. Isn't its like fool practice to get money??

  • Faheem 2 years ago

    There is difference between ownership and lease. Bahria only gives Qabza. CDA plots are on permanent ownership of owner.

  • Ali 2 years ago

    After you have chosen your desired rental property then the last stage is signing an agreement of lease. The lease document contains the terms and conditions for both the parties, to which both have to abide by.

  • Iqbal 2 years ago

    isn't DHA work on same fashion. Dha has leased the land from Govt.for 100 years.

  • Noman 2 years ago

    i think all lands in cantonement are on lease system but i dont have mush information about this. Someone else who have more experience should throw some light on it.

  • Faisal 2 years ago

    I heard that in CDA you need to re-purchase the property after leasing period at the prevailing market rate.

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