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  • J
    Jamil.ashraf 2 years ago

    I am an expatriate who is living in Saudi Arabia. Buying a 3 BR apartment in this project is a good long-term investment.


    Please advise from the resale or appreciation point. Thanks again for your quick reply......

  • D
    David_67 2 years ago

    Yes, i believe that pentasqaure is a good investment and is supposed to pay well in time.

  • S
    Sami.khan2 2 years ago

    if you are just looking at investment perspective than there are other options available which may give you a better return.

  • M
    Mujeeb.ur.Rehman 2 years ago

    Penta Square expects to satisfy the requirements of the group and present customized living in a helpful and stylishly satisfying way. its a long-term investment if you buy once. 

  • F
    Ferozkhan88 2 years ago

    Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore has announced another mega project of residential apartments and commercial shops and offices in phase-5. DHA Lahore office is saying this project will be completed within 2 years’ time. On the ground, DHA Lahore is already constructing its site office...

  • A
    Abdul.zaman 2 years ago

    No idea about it... 


  • Z
    Zainulabidin 2 years ago

    Penta Square Apartments Categories:

    Studio Apartment

    1 Bed Apartment (Single)

    2 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)

    3 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)

    4 Bed Apartment (Maisonette)

  • H
    Hussain 2 years ago

    penta square is going great for living standard

  • T
    Tariq 2 years ago

    Penta square launches, 3 bed luxury apartments the last date of down payment wa 17 nov back 2017. 

  • H
    Hammad 2 years ago

    When will the remaining Apartments be launched and balloted and what about the commercial and corporate opportunities?? Please update. Thanks.

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