F-11/4 Beka Syedan Islamabad

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    Sheheryar 2 years ago

    Dear friends unfortunately i purchased 30 x 70 feet plot at non possession area of beka syedan f-11/4 from affectee's and now i have cda transferred plot but now i am unable to sell at even purchase price, any one have good idea regarding development at the said area.?



  • U
    Umair 2 years ago

    I dont want to demoralize you, but that is what happen with me when I bought 30*60 in I-11/2 18yrs back and it took me 10yrs of saving to buy that plot in 1999. Last year I got possession of that plot but still I cant built the house there becoz there is no sewerage, no gas and electricity. I am thinking of selling it and looking to buy in g-14/1 (small size plot).rnrnrnrnCDA has made normal salaried person struggle/suffer alot when it comes to development of sectors which are launched 35yrs back.

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    Asmaan 2 years ago

    Sir g kidher pesay phansa liey hain?That place is in litigation for years and years.And in our country,how speedy these matters are sorted out,everyone knows it very well.

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    Innyas 2 years ago

    Sir g-14/1 is even a more worse case.

  • K
    Kashif 2 years ago

    I suggest you Go for I 16 instead of G 14/1.

  • H
    Haris 2 years ago

    I have heard that CDA has issued a notification, to shift those plots to some other location. Plz contact cda in this regard.

  • A
    Azaan 2 years ago

     Development work in I-11 is going on at good speed now a days.... Plz get latest info.... Things are moving in positive direction. Never think about investment in G-14/1.

  • S
    Subhan 2 years ago

    My bad....I mean G-14/4

  • B
    Burhan 2 years ago

    There are approximate 20-25 houses are built in I-11/2. Without sewerage, gas and electricity connections. People trying hard to get all desired facilities.

  • W
    Waris 2 years ago

    G-14/4 is good to go.

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