House Building Financing In Bahria

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    Burhan1 2 years ago

    Does any bank, financial institution offer home financing for Bahria, Rawalpindi?

  • T
    Tazeen 2 years ago

    Avoid Banks for constructions of house....if you cant, then you can go to Alabaraka Bank

  • R
    Rehan 2 years ago

    There is Islamic financing available like meezan, bank alfalah etc with no interest.. 

  • M
    Mueez 2 years ago

    Yes, some banks provide financing for construction/purchase of a home in Bahria. Usually, those areas are included in the negative list where there is a chance of dispute over title deed of property.

  • F
    Faiq 2 years ago

    Bahria Town are not as clean and transparent as they appear to the general public.

  • A
    Ajmal 2 years ago

    you can go visit Dubai Islamic bank.

  • Y
    Yawer 2 years ago

    Bahria Town being a private enterprise owns the land for its project. As per the law, only a housing authority or coop societies can transfer land on behalf of the government (for legally recognized transfers).

  • A
    Adil 2 years ago

    Only a Few banks are offering the mortgage on Bahria Town properties.

  • O
    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

     If you want a home loan, the bank cannot extend this facility as the possession letter you get from Bahria is not a land ownership letter. And because the land does not technically belong to you, you cannot mortgage it to the bank

  • R
    Riyasat 2 years ago


    Yes, Meezan, Bank Alfalah, these banks provide financing for construction/purchase of the home in Bahria. 

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