Suitable bank in lahore

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    Mustafa 2 years ago

    I am enquiring if there is any suitable bank in Lahore that can mortgage my property and give me loan?

  • I
    Irfan 2 years ago

    Yes for sure there are many banks in lahore which can give you loans and mortage your property like Al mezaan bank, HBL etc. 


  • A
    Ali 2 years ago

    There are banks in Lahore which can mortgage your property and give you loan like Standard Chartered, HBL etc

  • I
    Ibrahim 2 years ago

    Khyber bank offers many services, Habib Bank Limited provides home loans. These banks finance up to 100% of the construction cost or the property, depending on the package you choose.

  • I
    Idrees50 2 years ago

    UBL and Standard Chartered provides the financing for both buying and construction purpose.

  • A
    Ayaan 2 years ago

    Stander Chartered Bank can give you loans and mortage and also benifits as well.

  • S
    Saqib 2 years ago

    It depends on you which bank you will choose, but on other hand FINCA bank provides mortages and also give loans. 

  • O
    Omar 2 years ago

    Askari Bank can give you loan amd mortage your property.

  • S
    Sufyan 2 years ago

    Meezan Bank & HBL provide home loan & motrage your property.

  • S
    Subhan 2 years ago

    Standard Chartered Bank and MCB in my opinion.

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