Advice needed related to property dealing matter.

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    Maruf 2 years ago

    Assalamualaikum experts,


    I just recently bought a house in bahria town lahore through a property dealer.The deal went fine with the seller and the commission of the dealer was paid too.


    Before buying this house,i visited this house with another dealer but i wasn't interested in buying this house at that time.

    Last night the older dealer called me and said that i visited this house with him for the first time and that he wants his 1% commission too.


    Now i need an advice about this matter,what should i do according to the laws?

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    Yaqoob858 2 years ago

    Law does not restrict you to pay anything to that dealer

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    Burhan1 2 years ago


    Well I think that you do not need to pay anything to the first dealer.

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    Behlul 2 years ago

    You already paid commission to dealer who managed deal so don't pay any more to old dealer.

  • S
    Saif01 2 years ago

    Anything could happen in our society in the presence of Law and Moral Ethics.

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    Zuhoor558 2 years ago

    if you are engage with the first dealer, you should go with him but not the second one. 

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    Zameer 2 years ago

    You should have informed the second dealer earlier that you have already seen this house.....

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    Sarwar 2 years ago

    morally and legally you are not bound to pay anything to him

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    Shahbab 2 years ago


    There are 2 distinct issues here, ethical and legal. The laws on real estate agency practices are not spelled out in any particular act/legislation as per my knowledge. 

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    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

    you haven't mentioned the reason for not going with the deal with the first dealer

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