B17 vs awt (d-18)

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    Haneef 2 years ago

    Friends, need advice, Ivisited awt this june-2017 and motorway interchange are all open and operational. My question is that i have to sell a plot to get some money to finish my home in d12 options are either to sell a 10 marla corner plot in b-17(mpchs) block c and other option is to sell a 10 marla plot in block d of awt. As of now both are around 35lacs. Which one do you suggest i should sell? Thinking future in mind thanks nasir


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    Asmaan 2 years ago

    Sell AWT.....

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    Innyas 2 years ago

    Thanks for the response. But plz share some reason and details as to why you think selling AWT is better.

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    Kashif 2 years ago

    B-17 do have potential due to margalla avenue if it ever gets built. Although B-17 offer pathetic living standards which will only deteriorate as society grows older. People who has money already rejecting B-17 as suitable location for construction of their new homes. Water will also be the biggest issue of Zone-II including B-17.

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    Haris 2 years ago

    AWT (Army Welfare Trust) have long-term potential. Once Zone-II gets fully populated all societies will suffer from lower standards of living while this place will get better and better. Think of this as future DHA of Zone-II. Basic necessities like water, gas, electricity infrastructure will not be any problem.

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    Waris 2 years ago

     B-17 may be better today but eventually gem of Zone-II will be AWT and PAF Tarnol. Rest will become more like Gulraiz Rawalpindi, close to airport but worthless.

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    Aabish 2 years ago

    B-17 will have water issue, while AWT is alongside Tarbella Dam? Both are in the same area almost, I think, so, how will B-17 have water issue but not in AWT?. Very illogical way of supporting some project.

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    Adeeba 2 years ago

    B-17 at the moment is far better and ahead of AWT... How, can we believe that B-17 will degrade while AWT will improve?

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    Ameenah 2 years ago

    Regarding PAF Tranol,it is and will always be the most pathetic project of all the time.Time has proven it.

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    Bahira 2 years ago

    Agreed, current condition is truly pathetic in PAF Tarnol.

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