Can the Rent of a House Be Considered as Zakat?

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    Asghar 3 years ago

    If someone gives his house to a zakat deserving person to live without any rent and the owner of house adjusts his rent in zakat fund. Is it right or not? Will zakat be assumed paid or not?



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    Asmaan 3 years ago

    First the rent should be agreed between the landlord and tenant or both should be aware of it. 

    Some scholars believe that the land-lord should take rent from the tenant and then give it back to the tenant as zakat. 

    But a more sensible theory by some other scholars is that it is ok if the land-lord does not take the agreed rent (kiraya maaf kar dey) and allow it be adjusted as payment of zakat. 

    But to be on the safe side, you must agree the rent first.

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    Innyas 3 years ago

    Thanks for replying. Yes if the tenant is aware that no rent is been taken because of adjustment as zakat then it should be considered. What if the tenant is someone from the family who is needy like sister or brother, still it can be considered as zakat? Some says zakat can't be given to siblings.

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    Kashif 3 years ago

    Zakat surely can be given to siblings. Infact if they are deserving you will get more reward (sawaab) by giving it to them rather than some non-relative. The closer the relative the more preferred they are for zakaat. But please keep in mind that zakat can not be given to relatives whose "kifalat" is your obligation by religion and by law. E.G., your parents, wife, children. Brothers and sister does not fall into this category. Their "kifalat" is not obligatory for you but if you do "kifalat" to them you would get extra reward for doing "silla-e-rehmi". W.Allah-u-alam.


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    Haris 3 years ago

    nd one more thing, you don't need to tell the receiver of zakat that it is zakat. You can just give them the money.

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    Waris 3 years ago

    Very appreciative knowledge. Few ulmas say you have to tell the person you are not taking rent because of zakat. Giving money is a separate thing and adjusting zakat is separate. What you say?

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    Aabish 3 years ago

    I consulted a religious scholar about this. According to him it is not possible for a person to rent out a property on Zakat.
    The core reason behind it is the concept of "ownership". The person who is paying the Zakat must make the receiver of Zakat its owner.

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    Adeeba 3 years ago

    Even if it is a mere change of hands, the proper protocol must be followed.
    The scholar further added that the Zakat is paid on savings while the rent that is paid on your property is a profit. You must have had that sum saved for at least a year and then pay Zakat on it. Running profits can't be counted as savings.

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    Ameenah 3 years ago

    Yes, it is allowed. You may give them the zakat without letting them know according to Hanfi Fiqh (the one pre-dominantly followed in Pakistan). I don't know about other Fiqhi but according to Hanfi Fiqh it's allowed.Yes, it is allowed. 

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    Bahira 3 years ago

    what if the person let someone needy to live in the house for adjusting the total zakat of the property, it could be for 5 months or so, then?

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