Dha phase 4 islamabad

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  • K
    Khursheed 2 years ago

    Asalam u Alaikum, guys please advise how you see the future of DHA phase 4 and is this the best time to buy. Advise is required

  • S
    Sarwar 2 years ago

     DHA Islamabad, phase-2, and phase-5 are more suitable and rewarding investments as compared to phase-4.

  • Z
    Zohaib 2 years ago

    I think its the right time to buy in DHA as the property rates are increasing day by day.  

  • S
    Shahbab 2 years ago

    Mr.Khursheed, DHA 5 has the options ranging from every range, how much is your approximate budget so that I can guide u accordingly.

  • A
    Ali 2 years ago

    When it comes to dha isb,phase 2 and phase 5 are more suitable and rewarding investments as compared to phase 4.

  • M
    Mueez 2 years ago

    Future is good, and this is the best time to buy the property in DHA phase 4. 

  • R
    Rohaan 2 years ago

    Currently, this is what’s happening in DHA Islamabad Phase IV. DHA’s machinery is actively paving roads, and the progress is clearly visible from the road side.

  • O
    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

    Although this Phase is developed up to 50% so far but due to its scenic location it still hold space for return up to 30 to 40 % in next 2 to 3 years.

  • Y
    Yawer 2 years ago

    location of Phase-4 is far better as compared to DHA-2...if the development work is completed as planned

  • D
    Daniyalali 2 years ago

    i have recently visited there, it's still under construction 

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