How to avoid dealers?

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    Hammad 2 years ago

    How to avoid dealers and buy directly from the owner? Why almost all property on zameen.Com is advertised by dealers?

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    Ayaan 2 years ago

    You can avoid dealers for sure. But then the risks are yours. Few of those are (1) fake project, plot, ownership (2) less knowledge of background and potential of the project (3) unsecure deal (3) authenticity of documentation for purchase/transfer (4) hassle of getting the purchase/transfer docs completed and getting registered and so on ......

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    Idrees50 2 years ago

    Agreed with ayaan.

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    Yasir00 2 years ago

    Thanks for the response. 

    This industry (the middle men) mostly steal out of the deal their hidden commissions on top of the legit 1% from both parties. And in good reputable societies e.g., BT, both parties can go to the BT Office and get the transfer without much of the risks mentioned above. 

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    Bilal 2 years ago

    In case of goods where genuine price is known to buyer and seller, there people can trust on websites.

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    Rahat 2 years ago

    Property industry is like this. To avoid hidden commission you can always check price from 3/d different sources. After that you can evaluate genuine market price for a particular property.

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    Usama 2 years ago

    I agree with most of the points you mentioned. However, in a free market, demand & supply equilibrium sets the price - aka the break-even point. 

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    Aleemali 2 years ago

    I know of property deals in which even dealers were unable to catch sellers who ran away taking the bayana (advance money). Anyway, I'd still hope to see a reasonable proportion of properties selling by individuals rather than property agents on these websites. That would empower general public.

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    Imrankhan 2 years ago

    Biggest culprits are societies management (real land-mafia) who basically own these dealers and make them do dirty deals and create fake market values of plots. Honest dealer cannot survive in these societies. They will kick him out. They will not even register them to do business.

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    Uzairzaid 2 years ago

    Dealers can help you in many ways, you may try to negotiate for lower commission charges which is normally manageable if you do your home work and have little bit of know how about the market situation.....dealers are generally cooperative and happy to work even at nominal charges...

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