Looking House In I - 10/2, G10/G11

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  • S
    Sajjad 2 years ago

    Sajjad here, I am interested to buy a house in the above mention sectors and my budget is around Rs. 90,000,00 where the house has better future......Any suggestions...?? 

  • M
    Mohid 2 years ago


    Instead of i-10/2 , you buy in i-9/4 because in i-9/4 there is no shortage of water and gas whole year

  • S
    Sheheryar 2 years ago


    All of them are good options as they are proper cda sectors but it depends on price range....You can also get your house in this range here also. 

  • O
    Omar 2 years ago

    G-10 and G-11 are of normal limited range, Price of an old house starts from 99.5m to 13m.

  • Z
    Zaroon 2 years ago

    G-13/4 is most expensive and better, then G-13/1 and then 2 & 4.

  • M
    Mehdi 2 years ago

    In G-13 all facilities including gas and water supply are available.There are good markets and overall the sector has an excellent location.

  • R
    Raza 2 years ago

    I-10 and I-9 are with old construction, less covered area, less possibility of bore in house and finally I believe the price appreciation better in G-13.

  • W
    Waleed 2 years ago

    While buying a house in G-13 keep 2 things about it in mind
    1. Distance from Kashmir Highway
    2. Distance from Main Market
    These two are very important factors while buying any house.

  • S
    Sufyan 2 years ago

    In I-9 there are houses in your budget range.

  • I
    Ijaz 2 years ago

    You can also go for G-13. You might get a better house in your budget range.

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