Maryam Arcade in CDECHS E-16/17

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    Waris 2 years ago

    Dear all,

    I visited Cabinet yesterday and saw the ads of Maryam Arcade everywhere, it was probably shown on TV as well. Is Maryam Arcade in a good project? Is it good for investment and how long will it take to complete? How much can we earn by the time it is completed and will the fact that there is not much population in Cabinet affect our investment?

    Lower ground shops are for 17 lacks

    Ground floor shops are for 22 lacks

    25% downpayment and 18 monthly installments



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    Asghar 2 years ago

    Still the price tag is attractive with pakland builders having previous projects done good.

    - project is on 4 commercial plots so the building would be big.

    - First commercial / residential / corporate mix project in CDECHS.

    - Possession time is Oct 2015 as claimed by the project advertisers and they are paying 0.5 % monthly rent of the total amount u had invested if they failed to give possession in Oct 2015.

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    Asama 2 years ago

    hat is the current situation with Maryam Arcade?? What are the current rates and how does its future look like? Is it worth investing now? Many Thanks

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    Haneef 2 years ago

    The building is getting into existence. The first shettring is done and the stairs for the ground floor is their as per my last visit some 2 weeks ago. The pace of work is good.

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    Khizer 2 years ago

    Seems like very good news.. So if a shop is for 22 lakhs now, how much will it be after possession by Oct 2015 and any expectations about rent? Any wild guesses??

    Is it better to invest in this scheme rather than getting a plot in I-12??

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    Burhan 2 years ago

    Gain something from your investment from here and when things are stable in 1-12 then expose this property and buy a plot there.
    Brother i only talk about current market im not an authority to forsee the future. Its ALLAH (SWT) who knows the future.
    So as i always say Speculate a bit BUT dont over speculate is my advise to everyone.
    As far as wild guesses are concern i know the builder and advertisers both. The project i already said that it compromises on 4 Commercial Plot joined together so the building would be big. 
    The next builder might not get all adjoining 4 commercial plots together plus this is the 1st Commercial Project in CDECHS. 

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    Kashif 2 years ago

    And you know all the shops of LGF and GF are booked. If you had missed the chance of booking previously then it might be difficult to find booking now.

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    Innyas 2 years ago

    Sir where is this maryam arcade located. E/16 or E-17. How will this project affect the prices for the residential plots in CDECHS. 

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    Umair 2 years ago

    You are right.. But I feel like I might be late in this project. Someone told me that development in I-12 will start soon and I have a very limited budget so I don't want to miss on that one as it will be a much bigger return than shops in this project. Now I am stuck between 2 shops in this project or a 30x60 plot in I-12. But I guess I'm more inclined towards the plot.

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    Amir 2 years ago

    Its located in E-16. The price rise of nearby plots does seems to rise as E-16 there is a good chunk of small plots which eventually gets noticed quickly and construction factor.

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