DHA and Bahria Town new deal regarding BT Garden City

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  • J
    Jawad 2 years ago


    Today talks are in progress about dha getting all of garden city rawalpindi from bahria town.

     Some plots of garden city would go to dha-4 as well.

     Do not sell gc plot if you do not have to sell.

    May be an agreement would be signed today


  • B
    Burhan 2 years ago


    Will this boost garden city and phase 8 market as well? I have investment there.

  • K
    Khizer 2 years ago

    Somebody discussed on this forum perhaps agreement has already signed 3-days ago. Bahria Garden city & DHA.

  • H
    Haneef 2 years ago


    Last week a decision was made between BT and DHA . Now the formal signing has been confirmed.

  • A
    Asghar 2 years ago

    So its seems that they land it was built on was owned by the state therefore BT is transferring it to DHA.

  • F
    Faizan 2 years ago

    What will be its effect on the prices of Bahria Garden city & Phase-8?

  • U
    Umair 2 years ago

    If DHA has settled matters with Aaghosh (DHA-3) then there is a very good news as GC and phase-8 will have another access from GT road. Within in next few days the Aaghosh thing will be cleared. It seems they will buy Zaraj as well?..( my guess only)

  • I
    Innyas 2 years ago

    I don't think Zaraj will be bought by either DHA or BT. If either one buys it, it will be a big big plus for gardencity. But the chances of buying Zaraj are very very very slim.

  • W
    Waris 2 years ago

    Garden city is only worthy from my prospective, renting or resale, (yours priorities may be totally different) if GT road access gets opened. From expressway it is far away as compared to sector E1 and sectors in vicinity. BT has been constantly failing in talks with villagers for so many years. Now DHA came in picture and situation is likely to be changed as Nisar and co likely to go smooth with GHQ, especially Gen. Raheel is determined to clean this DHA valley mess. 

  • A
    Ayaan 2 years ago

    DHA is notorious for having a snail's pace when it comes to development (though Bahria has also been working at the same pace in Pindi/Islamabad lately). Its good for plot holders of GC that they will have some surety about the future. Although personally, if I had a plot in GC right now, I would look for an exit at the first good opportunity, being an investor only. For those looking to build a home there, it is a good break.

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