Gandhara City Islamabad

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  • B
    Burhan1 2 years ago

    Is it really coming soon? It was on the card for quite some time. Please share some details

  • T
    Tazeen 2 years ago

     its really coming don't worry...........

  • R
    Rehan 2 years ago

    it's not allowed from Gandhara management to give any information before launching of the project.

  • M
    Mueez 2 years ago

    Actually, it is all Mumtaz City expansion but detached from MC for some reasons. Good move by MC, they are comparatively good and good track record.

  • F
    Faiq 2 years ago

    I dont think market is too hot for pre-booking of this new project.

  • A
    Ajmal 2 years ago

    80% booking in pre-launch in our own social circle has been done. 

  • Y
    Yawer 2 years ago

    They have land, development work is in progress, basic infrastructure is almost completed, got the NOC from RDA.

  • O
    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

     it does not belong to Mumtaz City, its separate project owned by Ex-MC partner.

  • A
    Adil 2 years ago


    Don't wait for its the best time to invest in Gandhara City.

  • D
    Daniyalali 2 years ago

    Basic infrastructure is almost completed, got the NOC from RDA.

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