I-11 & I-12 Status (Development & Construction)

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    Tazeen 2 years ago

    Please share the current situation on the ground in I-11 & I-12 especially for living purpose, utilities & construction activity etc. Is I-11 fit for living, if not then how long it will take & also is it safe?

  • B
    Burhan1 2 years ago

    There is construction going on in some areas but there are a few issues. There is no gas and electricity available.

  • R
    Rohaan 2 years ago

    In my point view, I-11 will still require 5 more years to be livable. At the moment it lacks basic infrastructure, facilities, and security.

  • S
    Saif01 2 years ago

    Basic development has already been done in I-16. However, to be livable with all facilities, it will definitely take more time.

  • Z
    Zohaib 2 years ago

    Maybe not 5 years but I think 2 years will make it quite liveable. Latest images are uploaded on google maps, you can see many more streets being paved so work is going on.

  • R
    Rehan 2 years ago

    There are some colossal discouragements and I even observed a house built amidst an extensive melancholy, many spots are strong land too yet street foundation is extremely poor.

  • M
    Mueez 2 years ago

    I-12 development work is going on. I-16 is very far away and I think it has access issues so it is 7-10 years waiting time I think.

  • F
    Faiq 2 years ago

    In I-11, There is no gas and electricity available. 

  • Y
    Yawer 2 years ago

    I-16 development is much better than I-12 and that's why you can see people are living and constructing new houses there.

  • O
    Obaidulallah 2 years ago

    There are some huge depressions and I even saw a house constructed in the middle of a large depression, many places are solid land as well but road infrastructure is very poor. Road lights are installed on the main road but I don't think they work.

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