Manzar e Kohsar

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    Aiman 2 years ago

    I just want to know the expert opinion about manzare kohsar society merged in b-17 islamabad in a ceremony presided by nab chairman. What will be the overall impact of this in b-17 ? Will it be helpful to resolve issue of d-block and prices will jump in all blocks of b-17 islamabad?

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    Ijaz 2 years ago

    MPCHS has acquired Manzar-e-Kohsar society and now as per CDA rules and directions reviewing the map.

  • A
    Adeel123 2 years ago

    It is very big news for all D-Block members. Society is revisiting current map and I am sure that MPCHS will adjust D-Block members in new map.

  • A
    Abrar 2 years ago

    Indeed very good and positive news...

  • M
    Mahintahir 2 years ago

    That's really very good news for all b-17 allot ties.Let's see the hike in price of b-17.

  • A
    Affan90 2 years ago

    This is a very positive news after a long time. The times of B17 have arrived..!

  • S
    Sufyan 2 years ago

    Yes this is indeed good news for B 17. The next step by Multi should be announcing of the access road for E and F Block through Manzar e Kohsar.

  • W
    Waleed 2 years ago

    Society is reviewing and revisiting map of B-17. I am sure they will adjust Block-D members in Manzar-e-Kohsar and other area between Block-A and Block-E.

  • M
    Mansoor89 2 years ago

    I am sure if this bottle neck(possession of D-Block) is resolved others issues are very small.

  • N
    Naeemkhan 2 years ago

    The same area was occupied by another society called Rawalpindi Co-operative House Society. Are these both societies the same?

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