New Islamabad Airport Road Network

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    Omar 2 years ago

    Yesterday PM Nawaz Sharif approved the road network for new Islamabad airport. There will be two roads one for people coming from Rwp/Isb and one for people coming from Chakri, Chakwal, Sargodha etc.

    The main road from rwp/isb will start from Golra more Haji camp towards new airport. It will pass through sector i-14,15,16,17, mouza noon and bajnial. This road will also have fence line. And the second road will be from thallian interchange towards new airport, this road will also handle cargo traffic. All the aviation related commercial activities will be on this road because it has no fence line. Pm Nawaz Sharif also ordered immediate construction for this project.


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    Asghar 2 years ago

    thank you for that useful info. If the first road will be fence lined, it will probably not be of much use to these areas and might even cause them problems incase state acquires their land. Is that correct or am I missing something? Thanks.

  • A
    Asama 2 years ago

    Service road and access to lands from one or two points will be provided later on.

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    Haneef 2 years ago

    Well that should be good then. Without access roads it might have become a problem. Thanks.

  • K
    Khizer 2 years ago

    So what about Kashmir highway? Will its lane extension be shelved now?

  • B
    Burhan 2 years ago

    Is there a link to a proposed master plan of these roads connected to airport? for it to be more clearer for us also?

  • K
    Kashif 2 years ago

    Got this information from project director.

  • I
    Innyas 2 years ago

    So which societies will these new roads benefit?

  • U
    Umair 2 years ago


    It will pass through from CDA sectors i-14,15,16,17 and end will be at top city block f. But no access guaranteed for top city yet.
    But societies near cda sectors will take much benefit like cbr , Foreign office society etc.

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    Amir 2 years ago


    Looking at the existing maps on google, one can see a small road streaking along the path you have mentioned. I wonder if they will further expand and develop this present road or is it going to be a new road altogether, and what will they do when they reach the motorway, build an interchange, or an overhead or underpass connection?

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