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    Saqibahzar 2 years ago




    I request the honourable members to give some input on the recent developments in park enclave, Islamabad. What is the current price of 1 Kanal residential plot there? Is it realistic to think of residing there two years from now?

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    Hussain 2 years ago

    Wa aalikumussalam, 

    Dear Park Enclave is located is located near Chak Shahzad and about four kilometres away from Islamabad Club.

    I am not certain about the current status of development, but in my view a 1-kanal plot in the locality should cost around Rs. 3.0 to 3.4 million, depending on the location. 

    ps..It is just an estimate. you can get reasonable ideas from other experts.

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    Meerab 2 years ago

    Is it true that price of one kanal plot in CDA Park Enclave is from 3 to 3.4 million. I'm sure that when they first sold it a couple of years ago the price for one kanal plot was 12 million. Can someone please confirm the current price. Thanks

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    Huzaifa 2 years ago

    How can some one sell a plot purchased on 12 millions on 3 or 4 millions?

    This might be the downpayment and one or two installments. Regards

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    Shahroz 2 years ago

    I guess Sheikh sahib may know more about this, so his valued comments would be highly appreciated.

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    Aleemali 2 years ago

    so are there any files of Park enclave available in market? and if they are, wat is the demand?
    at the launch of project , plots were for 12 million... But somehow i dnt c ppl selling their plots!
    Plz inform on the current prices!

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    Imrankhan 2 years ago

    Forget about it. Those days of CDA investment are gone. You will only get your money locked out for years with no consideration for depreciation. Look where the dollar is heading

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    Adeeba 2 years ago

    why are you interested in Park Enclave?

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    Rifaqat 2 years ago

    Check Class Ads of Daily Jang, I just read an ad of a broker, so you will get to know some people who deal Park Enclave, from where, you can purchase and get an idea of the prices.

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    Asghar 2 years ago

    Park Enclave is a flop scheme, i don't see any future, there are many issues, i would suggest you to buy in Bahria Enclave, the price of a 5 marla plot was 1580,000 which is now on 5-7 lacs profit, the plots are not developed yet, but they have planned to give possession in next year, they don't have NOC still very good work they have done and are still doing.

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