Ferozepur City – Will New Changes In The Plan Encourage Investment?

Update 3 March 2019 : 

NAB Lahore arrests Ferozpur City Housing Scheme owners


Ferozepur City – a residency area sits on Ferozepur Road – has seen the number of troubles in past. It experienced harsh criticism for making guarantees for offices and enhancements that did not appear to be for all intents and purposes conceivable. The update is that it has been allowed a Preliminary Planning Permission by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).  

Authorities would be looking into the societies already. Nonetheless, the current agreement should suppress the investor’s concerns. The remaining question is: will development start soon, and can the society now satisfy with all the guarantees it has made previously? The new consents mean designers aren’t kidding about the venture.

The Official Launch:

The society’s administration formally launched the venture on July 23 in a ritual. This corresponded with the begin of development work. Main Boulevard construction work is in progress.

On offer are private and business plots, manors, apartments, and farmhouses. Property choices are reserved here and after that benefited through a portion arrange for that ranges more than three years.

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The Location:

An amazing location is maybe the most critical aspect of a successful housing venture. Furthermore, it is the offering purpose of Ferozepur City. It has great availability with rest of Lahore through Ferozepur Road and the region will see financial specialist center develop in not so distant future. There are a large number of societies in the neighborhood as well, which should give it a general push with authentic home buyers, as well.

Why The Appeal?

The developers are arranging to set up residency plans in the zone, and not without reason. Later on, this area is becoming the hub, which is a result of both the Lahore Ring Road (LRR) and DHA.

LRR has numerous implications for ventures in different regions. The underdevelopment southern circle has an exchange at Gajju Matah. This makes numerous ranges that were already an agony to go to significantly more available from the focal parts of the city. What's more, Ferozepur Road is ready to essentially profit by this development. This is one explanation behind a real speculator intrigue saw in this locality.

Also, DHA is now securing land for Phase X through its investors. Sources say that DHA wants to offer access to Phase X through Phase IX. A good thing is, Phase X will get an entry from Ferozepur Road. What's more, if this happens, property estimation here will shoot up over the long haul.

Inferable from every one of these reasons, Ferozepur City holds the potential to draw in an enormous venture. Furthermore, it is currently in agreement with the regulatory authorities as well. This makes it no less than a favored speculation alternative in this territory.

What is your opinion on the project? Share it in comments.

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  • Malik Rasheed

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:28 AM

    Thanks for the update on Ferozpur City

    Faisal Chaudhary

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:53 AM

    Ferozpur City got NOC or not?


    December 9, 2018 AT 03:16 PM

    Ferozpur City couldn't get the NOC and finally NAB take up the case and in result NAB recovered 2.25 Billion Rupees to payback to the the victims. Now there is NO MORE Ferozpur City Exist.

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