New Islamabad Housing – Which Society Is Ready To Pick?

Among the most striking locations for investors in Islamabad, New Islamabad is the top choice. Numerous infrastructural developments are really taking shape, highly demanded, particularly in Top City-1, Mumtaz City, and Faisal Town.

The house buyers are hoping to benefit from the potential value appreciation in these societies, are regularly confused about picking one. Here is something you need to know,


TopCity-1 is one of the most attractive residential areas for the investors, situated in the quick region of the New Islamabad International Airport. This society is ready to become the first smart housing society in Pakistan.

A steady and reliable value rise was seen for private plots in this society until it ended up in a contention, which brought along an incredible 30% drop in rates. The society’s regulatory authority adequately managed the investor’s worries and found a way to defend their interests. As of late, costs have begun to increment once again.

As per my sources, the market for TopCity-1 has completely recouped in terms of demand while the drop observed a few months back has likewise recuperated by 80%. Alongside continued investment activity, the society gets profits by the current declaration of ownership in Blocks A, B, C, and D.

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Mumtaz City:

Mumtaz City appreciates a similarly amazing area; nonetheless, this is a significantly smaller development. In any case, the society has managed to build a solid reputation in the market and has seen a consistent spike in rates of private plots.

Just when investors were a little stressed over their investment security in TopCity-1 and were hoping to offer their plots at a much lower rate, Mumtaz City ended up being their next best alternative. Because of the expanded demand, property rates here likewise crawled up. Interestingly, the value gratefulness here was practically equivalent to the level of value drop found in the estimation of property in TopCity-1.

With TopCity-1 becoming coming into the spotlight once again, demand for property in Mumtaz City has seen a slight drop. In any case, property rates here keep on remaining stable, with positively no drop found in the asking cost. In fact, for private plots in a few areas of Mumtaz City, the normal market rate is higher than that of many squares in TopCity-1.

Faisal Town:

Faisal Town, which is found marginally more remote from the under-development air terminal, has its own market, which is ruled by purchasers and investors. While the society profited from the drop found in TopCity-1's property request, it hasn't seen any real impacts of the property request continuing for TopCity-1.

After taking a look at the nature of two projects, Faisal Town wasn’t in the competition with TopCity-1. The society keeps on serving genuine purchasers with strong speculation designs.

Among the three social orders, property rates here are the most elevated. Moreover, the society also gets profits from the development of around 80 houses in squares where property ownership was conceded rather as of late.

The Top Pick:

All land ventures advantage essentially from their area. The second factor, which decides property request and the rate of value gratefulness, are the infrastructural facilities found close-by. In view of these two components, TopCity-1 and Mumtaz City advantage more than Faisal Town.

Among the two, TopCity-1 has better chances of seeing a higher value appreciation since property rates here dove as of late, and furthermore in light of the fact that property ownership has been allowed in four of its prime squares.

Looking at how successfully the society has been overseen, both as far as improvement perspective and advertising approach, TopCity-1 may offer better quantifiable profit for the time being.

The individuals who are worried about the general public's future, in light of the current discussion it confronted, can hold up and watch to locate the ideal time to make a move. In the meantime, please take note of that an unfaltering and steady value gratefulness is normal in Mumtaz City and social orders that have coordinate access from Kashmir Highway's under development connect street.

So the individuals who wish to play safe can pick one of these social orders, which are bound to profit by the airplane terminal office, Kashmir Highway Link Road, and the arranged Metro Bus stations.

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  • Baasim

    December 20, 2017 AT 10:46 AM

    what are the best option in 2017 (affordable) on installment basis..

    Malik Rasheed

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:26 AM

    thank you for sharing these worthy words

    Malik Rasheed

    June 6, 2018 AT 07:26 AM

    thank you for sharing these worthy words


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    Thank you for your detailed article. It was very helpful. I am currently looking for a new home but would prefer it close to the new international aiport. Do you have any suggestions?

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