Sick of Gas Shortage In Winter? Here's How To Stay Warm While The Supply Goes Cold

It’s getting cold outside and we’re all getting ready for winters. But we are forgetting about one thing, that winter is the time when we are going to face high prices and gas shortage problems. The time is near when the ladies of our families are going to face the issues due to non-availability of gas for cooking.

But we are going to provide you the alternatives for natural gas heating.

Use Electric Heaters:

You can use electric heaters instead of using gas heaters. It is an expensive solution, yet it’s very effective. Usually, the condition of load shedding gets better in winters, so you can use this method to keep your houses warm.

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Use LPG Gas:

LPG gas is a liquefied petroleum gas and it contains an inflammable combination of hydrocarbon gases, used as a fuel in vehicles.

In the dead of winter, LPG gas is another workable option.  Many black sellers take advantages of gas shortage crisis.

We are providing you the price of a 12kg cylinder of LPG in various cities of Pakistan.

  • Lahore: PKR 1,475
  • Rawalpindi: PKR 1,652
  • Faisalabad: PKR 1,534
  • Peshawar: PKR 1,652
  • Gujranwala: PKR 1,475
  • Karachi: PKR 1,357
  • Hyderabad: PKR 1,357

Install Solar Water Geysers:

This is one of the latest ideas and this is also gaining a lot of popularity among the citizens of Pakistan. It is very popular, especially in those areas where the problem of gas shortage prevails throughout the year.

Solar water geysers use the technology of sunlight to warm the water in geysers. Natural convection phenomenon is used in which warm water rises and circulates through flat plate collector. At the same time, cold water flows towards the absorber in the tank. You just need a roof for the installation of solar water geyser.

The price of one unit of solar water geyser is from PKR 34,000 to PKR 37,000.

Use Inverter Air Conditioner:

If you want any suggestion like; what air conditioner should you buy? We’ll recommend you DC inverter ACs. Even all famous brands are now recommending DC inverter ACs. The best part about Dc inverter Ac is that it reduces your 50-60% electricity bill. It is a good investment for homeowners as you can use it in both summer and winter seasons.

The price of DC inverter AC starts from PKR 44,000 to PKR 67,000 (approximately) based on the size or brand of AC.

Install Water Heaters or Geysers:

Water heaters are the simplest solution and are easily available throughout the whole country. It is an economical replacement for gas heaters and these heaters are also available in different sizes with the capacity of 6-100 liters of water. These geysers have automatic ignition systems. You can just simply install small water geysers outside of your bathroom, and it will provide you warm water with appropriate pressure.

The price of water heater varies from PKR 6,500 to PKR 8,500.


Winters bring frostiness and coldness. Winter season is liked by most of the people as you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty and stinky. We have just tried to gather few replacements for gas shortage in winters. Let us know your reviews about this post.

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