Is Investors’ Next Stop Wapda Town?

Wapda Town, Multan, has been suffering from some significant issues from the most recent few years. In spite of the way that issue, which welcomed the National Accountability Bureau's test, was sort-out in December a year ago. Indeed, even today, investors confront a hard time getting a document exchanged to their name. The system is obviously being taken after to guarantee that no further debate happens.


The launch of Wapda Town's Phase III has, supposedly, been done in not a totally straightforward way. The proprietors didn't get the guaranteed number of marlas against per acre of land, the land which was sold to the individuals – additionally, some of them just got down installment for their property. The issue was taken to the National Accountability Board (NAB) which, following a time of examination and settling the issues, named the venture clear.

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What's New?

Starting late, some real changes were found in the societies’ administration; another secretary now takes care of the related issues. Under the supervision of new administration, matters concerning the exchange and issuance of new records, and the mechanism for obtaining more land have now been made significantly more straightforward. Truth be told, many individuals trust that Wapda Town is slowly adjusting to give DHA-like straightforwardness in its property related issues.

What we see at the present time, is an exceptionally cautious strategy being taken after for Wapda Town Multan's document exchange. With such cautious dealing of the issue comes delay, which confuses investors. 

On the front of speculation volume, Wapda Town, Multan, as of now admissions by keeping up a position of safety. The individuals, I have conversed with are of the view this moderate action is in a roundabout way relative to that of DHA Multan's. At the end of the day, as and when property rates in DHA Multan top out, experts will make a beeline for Wapda Town, which in the in the meantime, will turn into a great deal better as far as accelerating the plot exchange systems.

The Money Question:

Wapda Town's development stages, i.e. Stage I and II, are one of most lovely zones to live in Multan. This is additionally reflected in property rates here. In Phase, I, which is 100% created and involves Blocks A, B, C, D and E, the normal per Marla rate of private plots is PKR 1,050,000. For plots getting a charge out of a decent area in prime obstructs, the property proprietors additionally request a for each Marla rate of PKR 1,200,000.

Notwithstanding these records, Wapda Town additionally issued documents on portions of assigned quantities for Multan Electrical Power Company (MEPCO) Employees, Wapda Employees, and Government Employees. Among these, MEPCO Employees documents have a soliciting benefit from PKR 50,000, and those for Wapda and Government Employees have a soliciting benefit from PKR 45,000 and PKR 30,000, separately.

What's Are The Expectation?

There is a general judgment in the market, those property investors asking the high price for the residential land, while the market is not prepared to offer such rates. DHA Multan, a venture situated in Wapda Town's region and serving the premiums of numerous investors from the city, has likewise demonstrated low activity levels.

Some realty specialists trust, that when rates of DHA Multan records top out, speculators will make a beeline for Wapda Town. Their reasons lay on the reality, that Wapda Town is the main venture in Multan that can be contrasted and DHA in some ways, and is henceforth in a position to offer speculators some lucrative venture alternatives. 

Be that as it may, how soon can Wapda Town get speculators' consideration? My sources assert it may take a few months. At the end of the day, if these experts have measured the circumstance practically, at this moment could be the best time to put resources into Wapda Town Phase III to get some not too bad here and now picks up.

Do you concur with this discernment? Tell me through your remarks underneath.

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