How Technology Is Changing the Interior Designing Industry

Interior designing has seen an extensive progress following the growing technological developments. It’s quite easy to find manifold dissimilarities in just one thing; it could be the design, material or settlement of the items. But, at this time, the modern interior designing industry offers more options and solutions, whether it’s about lighting, the design of cabinetry, or placement of furniture -  it’s not that much difficult to find options for them. Even though the overall standards for designing and esthetics have been raised up due to the speedy technology advancement, the basics still remain the same.

If you want to get your home designed beyond everyone’s expectations, it’s better to hire the services of an interior designer. The technological development in Pakistan has enhanced every part of the interior designing industry.

But how did the technology revolutionize the interior designing industry? Let’s find out!

Bye-Bye Old-Style Cabinetry!

  • In Pakistan, interior designers have seen considerable developments related to designs and functionality.
  • Today, no one likes the idea of using engraved cabinetry. Everyone’s focus is on the plane-style and more lustrous cabinets that can be installed anywhere in the house.
  • While pull-in drawers are still used by many, plane-style cabinetry has also become the latest trend, as they make your house look more elegant.
  • The latest cabinetry doesn’t have a handle outside, which makes the outer look appear to be more plane.
  • You won’t have to use pressure to pull out the drawers or doors. Also, there’s an addition of different types of lights inside the cabinetry, which makes it quite easier to find out and collect things properly.

You’ve Got A Variety of Flooring Options!

  • Today, the technology doesn’t provide you only with the umpteenth flooring options but it has also made floor instalment a whole lot easier and faster for you.
  • You have multiple options like hardwood, carpet, ceramic, luxury vinyl, laminate and plank flooring.
  • You can find a huge variety of quality standards, no matter what type of floor you’re looking for.
  • Nowadays, the wooden flooring has become the latest trend, as it’s more popular than other types of flooring but at the same time, it has got a high price, which makes it difficult for most of the people to get them installed.
  • Those people, who can’t afford pure hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is the best option for them - not only because it cuts down the cost but also provides more durability and easier maintenance.

 Who Wouldn’t Want A Luxurious Bathroom?

  • Nowadays, latest bathrooms offer you a more luxurious and comfortable bathing place.
  • You would see a clear advancement in everything, either it’s the cabinetry or the flooring; even the accessories and the lighting in the bathroom has been advanced.
  • Another advancement which gives a luxurious and chic look to the bathroom is the addition of glass shower enclosures – they can make the whole bathroom look more stylish.
  • Furthermore, they are quite easy to maintain, which makes them even more functional and valuable.

 Hands-Free Faucets

  • Another great innovation by the interiors designers are touchless faucets; however, these faucets are unknown to some people.
  • Touchless faucets are available in different styles, designs, finishes and prices - they are useful in several ways.
  • Touchless faucets add more elegance and luxurious look to your house interior - you won’t have to go through the hassle of turning a tap on/off, as these faucets get off automatically just after you take your hands away.
  • Many people are moving towards these touchless faucets because of the bacterial contamination concern - which may spread when you touch a dirty tap.

 Docking Stations Inside the House

  • Those days are gone when the houses were seen jumbled with plenty of wires, connected with multiple electrical appliances with lighting fixtures.
  • Today, a shift is seen to wireless systems, involving the addition of docking stations all over the homes.
  • Consequently, everything whether it’s a television, computer, or a LED panels - everything is wireless, which ultimately maintains a tidy look of your house-interior.

Well, there are plenty of other things that are linked to the interior designing, where you can easily see the sensations of the latest technology. If you want your house to look more elegant from others, we’ll recommend you to hire the services of a top interior designer.

Do you have any questions related to the article? If you do, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.


  • Faisal

    May 8, 2018 AT 12:02 PM

    Nicely covered all the necessary information about the latest interior trends. In Pakistan these trends are growing rapidly as the real estate industry is setting records and people need more and more luxury and modern look and feel.


    May 8, 2018 AT 12:20 PM

    Walls designing also create a big impact on interior look. Now a days people are more conscious on the designing of walls. Every room of different color design is a trend. People are using tiles, marble, paints and other designing materials for walls.


    May 8, 2018 AT 12:42 PM

    In this era of technology docking stations are very useful for people and families as more than one devices can be charged at a time from direct USB type sockets and there is no need of any adapter. In Pakistan docking stations are not so common currently

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