Pros and Cons of Wooden and Composite Doors to Make Your Choice Easier!

While constructing a new house or carrying out the maintenance of the old one, you may need to go to find ideal doors for your home. In both situations you should not take this decision lightly. While choosing the ideal door must consider the design and size, as well as to the materials being utilized. To get a perfect door for your home, you need to explore different markets where you found different types of doors available. There are aluminum doors, French doors, swinging doors, composite doors, PVC doors, and solid wooden doors. Generally, the most preferred among them are the composite and wooden doors. This gets you into a situation with respect to which one is better from these two.

While choosing your desired doors you don’t only consider the price rather there are many other factors that you see before making your final decision. Along with price other factors that matters are the quality and durability of the product. In this blog, I am going to share extensive views about which door is better. I will give details about pros and cons of both wooden and composite doors to make your choice easier.

Composite Doors

A composite door uses a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and has a genuine woodgrain impact.

Their technical brilliance is second to none and they overflow with kerb appeal, making them an extremely solid contender against competitor door alternatives, for example, UPVC doors and timber doors.

Here are the pros and cons of composite doors


Looks like wood

If you see a composite door for the first time, it will exactly look alike a wooden door.

Credit for its wood-like appearance must go to the woodgrain impact that is so noticeable all through the plan.

In execution terms, composite doors are on an entire diverse level when contrasted with wood made reciprocals.

Extremely tough

Its power is very surprising. When you bolt the doors, there is almost no probability of someone figuring out how to compel their way through it as it's so extreme.

It likewise contains a multi-point locking framework that has been incorporated into the strong stainless steel going through the whole edge length.

Low maintenance

Due to wind, rain, sun, snow and ice, the quality of the door may affect. They may look rumpled. In case of composite door, with just a tedious measure of touchups will get them again into a superior condition.

Simply take a wet fabric splashed in hot, sudsy water with it when it could do with a wipe to expel any soil.

Long Lifespan

We already said that you should just hope to need to supplant your front doors once and that is probably going to be the situation when you fit a composite door.

The normal life expectancy of a composite door is 30 years (longer, maybe) as it has the continuing characteristics expected to last.


Much costly

While it is hard to discover numerous drawbacks to a composite door, the cost of getting one may demonstrate a hindrance for a few people.

They're much costly than a UPVC door, yet when you factor in the above up sides, you need to state that it gives excellent incentive to cash in the long haul. They're certainly justified regardless of the product.

Wooden doors

Mostly people go for wooden doors as it gives a regal look to your home. But as each thing has both advantages and disadvantages, so the pros and cons of wooden doors are given below;


Excellent in quality

They give your home a lovely look, and excellent wood justifies itself with real evidence. Strong wood likewise increases the value of your home.

Solid and secure

Strong wooden doors add a layer of soundproofing to a home, as clamor does not effectively go through them. They are ideal for protection and security. They are extremely solid and secure because of their strong synthesis. It is difficult to separate or smash a strong wooden door.


Need high maintenance

Wood doors do require a touch of care and support to keep them looking and performing at their pinnacle. You may need to touch up stain or paint at regular intervals. The maintenance comes at a high cost, as strong wood can be very exorbitant and a wooden door should be hand crafted and changed for your home by master woodworkers.

They must be cleaned and kept up frequently to keep them in prime condition. You need them resealed each couple of years or they will get harmed and weather-worn after some time.

Not Long lasting

Contingent upon the kind of wood utilized, these doors keep going for pretty much 25 to 35 years. They experience the ill effects of the general wear and tear and will never again be as solid as they were prior. They lose their sheen and tend to swell, bow, break and twist. Because of the breaks and swelling, wooden doors are not any readier to furnish your home with the genuinely necessary protection.

Security Risk

As the climate changes, wood twists and can trade off on security by swelling up and not shutting completely. Particularly with the various climates like we have in Pakistan, wood gets twisted, making holes between the door jamb and the doors. Sanding it down time and again may influence a wooden way to lose its tasteful interest.


In this way, here were the upsides and downsides of strong wood and composite doors. Simply recall, whichever choice you pick, go for astounding materials from great organizations and get them introduced by legitimate craftsmen for doors that create an impression.


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    May 17, 2018 AT 11:11 AM

    when will anyone think that way? I mean whatever the door we like we get it without even think about its pros and cons. but after reading this my mind will click on "pros and cons" option for sure.

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    nice article.

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