Our Latest Update On Bahria Sports City

Bahria Sports City was launched back in January 2016. At that point, Bahria Town Karachi was already boasting off in the market with an active pool of investors, therefore, a nice gain in premiums.

Compared with the Bahria Town, Bahria Sports City was extraordinary in more than one ways; villas and plots were offered on a four-year installment plan and the venture included broad sports facilities – a fairly new idea for the real estate market.

So normally, many people felt that Sports City would soon wind up plainly hot among investors; however shockingly, the inverse of it was seen, at least initially.

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Reason Behind The Drop:

In 2016, Bahria Sports City wasn't developed mainly because of its location. It was located miles away from the main entrance of society.

Because of its less attractive location, the developers didn't share insights about its correct area for more than five months after the launch.

This delay is thought to be one of the reasons the project failed to produce ideal business action from the start.

In addition, although new arrangements in Bahria Sports City were offered at a more decent installment plan, the rates were roughly 50% higher than the plots of the same size in different regions.

The correlation of rates left investors thinking about whether investing in Bahria Sports City was even a wise move.

As of late, a great deal has changed for Bahria Sports City.

An Update Of Recent Happenings:

The launch of Bahria Paradise is the primary reason property rates in Bahria Sports City have begun going up.

The increased demand was because of the same reason which kept the rates low in the first place; compared with Sports City, Bahria Paradise's new arrangement was over 50% more costly. 

When Bahria Paradise was launched, development in Bahria Sports City and its encompassing areas was in advanced stages.

So people who weren't content with the rates for plots on offer in Bahria Paradise had a somewhat encouraging choice to consider in Bahria Sports City.

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Project Details:

The project involves 11 regions i.e. Area 34 to Precinct 45. Among these pieces, Precinct 34, 35, 36, and 37 are viewed as more opulent as they have direct access to Jinnah Avenue and lie near the cricket stadium which is under construction.

Since the rest of the areas fall far from existing recreational and commercial facilities, the asking profit on the plots in those regions is low right now.

Investment Advice:

At the time of launching, it was believed that Bahria Sports City was situated towards the back side of Bahria Town Karachi, however, today we know better.

Bahria Sports City could turn into the focal point of the whole region given its scale and extension.

The less discussed areas here could end up being fancy blocks tomorrow.

Furthermore, the asking price for plots in squares found far from Jinnah Avenue is lower, settling on them would be a promising decision for a sensible short to medium-term investment. In this regard, the recommended precincts are 38, 39, 41, and 45.

That's all we've got about Bahria Sports City for now. If you have any feedback on this article, comment section underneath is sitting tight for you to call out.

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  • Abdullah Imran

    June 6, 2018 AT 08:09 AM

    what is the future of sports city after recent development of NAB against Bahria town Karachi?

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