How to Buy/Rent A Studio In Karachi Metropolitan

In a metropolitan city like Karachi, accommodation costs are always on the rise. And finding an adequate apartment with all the fundamental facilities, in a quiet environment, which is within your financial plan can appear to be impossible.

For those searching for a studio, or single room condo in Karachi, I am going to talk about the best ranges you ought to consider before picking your apartment, and the average rent in those territories. So if you are considering moving to Karachi and need your very own place, do read on.

Security Situation:

Regardless of whatever is presented in the news, the entire Karachi is not plagued with violence and crimes. however, there are a few zones where law and order is indeed an issue.

So you should be extremely careful when you pick a particular neighborhood.

Regions like Lines Area and Lyari would make the undesirable rundown of regions that are most helpless against crimes, however, rest of the city is very protected.

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The Options In Upscale Areas:

These are the regions for those of us who have found a coveted job at MNCs or have rich guardians. DHA and Clifton are the most secure neighborhoods in the city, and the condo structures here have the greater part of the facilities you anticipate from an upscale neighborhood.

In Clifton, Block 1 has the best options for studios and 1-room lofts. While in DHA, you would discover best studio lofts in Muslim Commercial Area, and other commercial ranges of DHA like Tauheed, Ittehad Commercial Area.

The rent in these zones begins from PKR 25,000.

When You Are Trying To Stay In Budget:

Don't you stress – Karachi has numerous regions where average cost for a basic living is relatively lower.

Great options among these territories are Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony, and P&T Colony. Although these are safe areas, they aren't as safe as DHA and Clifton.

Here, the monthly rent is between PKR 5,000 to 20,000, contingent on the facilities and the area it is in.

Towards the end, I might want to specify Gulistan-e-Johar as a society that offers a decent trade-off amongst comfort and economy. Here, you can find a decent condo at around PKR 15,000/month.

Closing The Deal:

After narrowing down your options in terms of area, the next thing to do is book your condo.

Contact a trusted property dealer in Karachi, who will help you find your ultimate apartment.

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  • Abdullah Imran

    June 6, 2018 AT 08:07 AM

    in Karachi, most of the studio's construction quality is very poor as can be seen by the seepage marks on the outside of buildings.

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