Where To Invest In Islamabad For Safe Returns

Making profits is the ultimate goal for every investor out there, be it on the cash, through asset appreciation, bonds, or real estate investment. While concentrating on real estate, a couple of financial tools are being utilized by the experts to make a secure investment. The normal yearly return or the cap rate; which must be high, is the best decision to separate a poor investment from a good investment.

To decide the performance, there is no single answer. However, basic techniques incorporate the return on investment (ROI) and money on money return to help decide the profit on investment.

Investing In Islamabad, The Capital Of Pakistan:

Islamabad, Pakistan’s most beautiful city, is brimming with various opportunities to draw in investors. The current ongoing development projects have made Islamabad a productive and a safe investment.

Islamabad Highway Signal Free Corridor venture has essentially raised the costs of houses and plots in close-by housing schemes. Additionally, the New Islamabad International Airport is pulling in travelers and financial specialists enticed by the openness. The towns and housing schemes which are under real advancement are the best options to invest.

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Bahria Enclave:

Bahria Enclave, situated in the heart of Islamabad, is a housing venture of the renowned Bahria Town. This is an excellent spot which offers exceptional yields on your investment. The modernization and significant development projects taking place in Bahria Enclave provide a brilliant opportunity for investors to put out their cash. Different residential plots come in different sizes measured in Marlas and Kanals.

Purchase the ones you want before it is too late. With regards to value; the area, environment, and nearby attractions play a huge part in deciding its genuine cost. The smallest plot i.e. five Marla’s private plot is for Pkr. 40,00,000 while the biggest conceivable plot of 4 Kanal costs around six crores.

DHA Islamabad:

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has emerged as a national brand and requires no introduction whatsoever. We can term its projects as safe investments. DHA Phase 5 and DHA Valley in Islamabad offer different options for you to look over, which is extraordinary compared to other choices to put your cash in.

The degree of commercialization occurring in these regions is one of the greatest elements which pulls in various investors. DHA provides you with all the necessities and luxuries with a world-class approach.

On average, a 5 Marla plot in DHA Valley will cost you around eight lacs while in DHA phase 5 it costs 40 lacs. Also, you can purchase a ten Marla plot in DHA Valley at the cost of 40 lacs while in DHA Phase 5 it will cost around 75 lacs.

Best Alternative Investments:

Dynast Associates' Top City 1 and PECHS under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) are the best choices for an alternate investment.

Located close to the New Islamabad International Airport, it is a prime area for investors. Both housing schemes are effortlessly accessible by means of the fully developed roads. Kashmir Highway interfaces with PECHS whereas, motorway M-1 and M-2 touches Top City one and makes traveling easier.

Every one of these plots can be purchased on a simple installment plan which stretches out up to 4 years. Also, you are required to make an initial installment to secure land, the cost depends on the size.

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    April 29, 2020 AT 07:59 AM

    Im looking to invest in a new housing development in Islamabad but im always traveling and would prefer something near the international airport. Do you have any suggestions?

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