The Marvelous Emporium Mall Lahore

It’s Been A Great Summer for Shopping.


Emporium Mall, the biggest Shopping Centre in Pakistan, is open for you. The 11-story mall has been constructed after several years, covering more than 2.7 million square feet. The building cost is Rs. 22 billion in construction and is owned by the Nishat Group. It consists of nine cinema screen complexes, Pakistan's biggest food court, banquet halls, shops, a hyper-star (Carrefour) and a 5-star 110-room hotel.


The daily footfall is expected to reach from 30,000 to 40,000.


With 30,000 staff in Pakistan, Nishat Group has one of the biggest private employers. With the Emporium Mall–which is one of its largest development projects so far has decided to use Oursun PVT company with the Meeco group to generate renewable energy source. This plant will use high-quality European parts and produces 3850 MWh per year to reduce CO2 emissions by 331 tonnes.


Another wonderful part about the mall is that it utilizes back up solar panels. it is EQUIPPED with 2.0 MWP solar energy installations.


The Emporium Mall includes:


  • 130, a large and elegant hyper store (ruled by Carrefour)
  • multi-screen Cineplex ·
  • 60 00 square feet of playing area
  • 110-room, 5star hotel with 4000 sitting capacity banqueting halls;
  • an underground parking area for 2000 vehicles;
  • an outdoor area with 30 outlets and a restaurant with a capability of up to 2200 chairs • a large and comfortable restaurant.


Universal Cinema

Utilizing the recent 3-D technology, Universal Cinemas provides clear, vivid, ultra-realistic 3D pictures to make you think you have gone into the movies. The recent 3D technology gives depth to the movie, whether you travel through an uncovered territory or escape items that seem to fly into the theatre.


Universal Ultra


  • features state-of - the-art huge displays.
  • Clear digital sound and projection delivers crystal clear picture.
  • Takes the film to a new level which can never be encountered in the house.
  • Dolby Atmos is provided for each auditorium, providing a drastic new listening experience.

More surrounding speakers, stronger bass, give the most vital impacts you have ever experienced.


Universal Gold


  • Customers will improve their knowledge in an enjoyable and pleasant environment.
  • Gold customers are placed into the suite and slipped into a chair, convenient equipped with side table and with a side button and butler services.
  • The Universal GOLD Exclusive Lounge offers an excellent chance for commercial or social activities–or for visitors looking for the best movie experience.
  • In order to prevent box office line-ups, golden customers can reach our exclusive Gold Custodian.


Universal Premium


  •         Enjoy the best view from your luxurious and spacious seat in the auditorium.
  •         Remember the selection of a Premium Seat when you book your online ticket or ask the employees about your local universal cinema.
  •         Reinforce your film experience with the most sophisticated glider technology with our state-of-the-art luxury seats. Comfort, help and ergonomics are completely new level of your experience.


Fun Factory Park


Fun Factory Park takes you under the light for all the fun and play. Fun Park is a place for kids of all sizes, with games, rides, prizes, food and entertainment.




In Pakistan, despite all the problems including safety, energy, food prices and poverty, Lahore, in particular, is steadily and continuously pursuing many goals for growth and development. The enhancement in infrastructure has shaped the city into surprisingly synchronized with the development of the world's cities, as is the case in everyday real estate development.

The latest example is the super plan and multi-billion investment project by the prestigious Nishat Group in the shape of Emporium Mall Lahore.



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    Indeed this mall has many features and we have en enjoyed a lot. But nowadays people are more inclined towards online shopping and <a href=>online shopping in Pakistan</a> is becoming popular as well. However, the way the article descri


    June 27, 2019 AT 03:39 PM

    Indeed this mall has many features and we have en enjoyed a lot. But nowadays people are more inclined towards online shopping and <a href="">online shopping in Pakistan</a> is becoming popular as well.

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