A Quick Look of Market in DHA Lahore Phase-7

Phase VII is the best option for true buyers and end-users looking for affordable plots at DHA in Lahore. In addition to having completed development work here in several possessional sections, Lahore Ring Road Nawaz Sharif Interchange, the Bedian Road and Barki Road render its position easy to access.

So how do things currently happen in DHA process VII as regards market activity? Let's figure out.



Search Tendencies OF Property in DHA Phase VII

This phase is among the top 3 DHA searched phases for property concern. The opportunity to come into competition from other prime phases such as DHA Phase VIII, Phase VI and Phase IX is a good example of how Phase VII attracts end-users. The market conditions often reflect when legitimate purchasers take the lead. The market rates of DHA phase VII plots is much lower than that of a majority of purchasers, which makes it interesting.



Price Inclinations in DHA Phase VII

A mixed picture shows that consumers ' choice could influence market trends in terms of price trends too. 



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10-Marla Plots Price in DHA 7

Each process consists of a limited number of 10 Marla plots, with frames T, U, X, and Y in a few blocks. Interestingly enough, the Phase VII level for the same plots registered gradual declines in terms of price rises in many other Lahore housing societies.


The average 10-marla plot rate has fallen by 6.2 per cent in this case since June 2017. While in the fourth quarter of the year the cost deprecation rate began to fall, the trend still is negative.


 Price For 1-Kanal Residential Plots in DHA Phase VII

In Phase-VII 1-Kanal residential plots worked better, as compared to their 10-marla equivalent. Indeed, the market rates for these plots began to rise only when the price of 10 Marla plots began to decline. It is an indicator that a 1-Kanal plot has shifted to be preferred.


The fact remains, however, that the price increase on 1 Kanal plots is less prominent than the decrease reported on 10-marla plots. The average 1-Kanal plot rate has increased by 1.57% since June 2018. The upward rates also seem to be persuasive for the next few months.



Cost Of 2-Kanal Residential Plots in DHA Phase 7

2- Kanal plots were quite bumpy until prices began to recover in the third quarter after a steady drop in value after March. While the price increased from June to November is rather small, the trend is now hopefully positive.


The price appreciation for a 2-Kanal house in phase VII between June 2018 and November 2018 is moderate at 0,16%. Rates seem to remain stable to represent the price trends at the end of the year.



This is our quick look at DHA Lahore Phase VII in the second half of the year.


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