Top cement Industries

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    Mahintahir 3 years ago

    what are the top cement industries in Pakistan that provides qualitative production of cement?


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    Saqib 3 years ago

    Cement industry has been facing a crisis situation with no relief from the state and the overall industrial setup.

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    Kashif 3 years ago

     Cement constitutes a basic ingredient for any infrastructure or socio-economic development of a nation and care must be taken to avert the crisis before it gains a strong foothold and begins to affect other areas such as the construction industry and other public development programs.

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    Affan90 3 years ago

    D.G.Khan cement compant & Lucky cenment company are the top cement industries in Pakistan.



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    Mehdi 3 years ago

    Askari Cement Limited is a part of fauji foundation with two plants one at Wah and other at Nizampur. It produces 8,295tons of  cement per day. It is a proud member of APCMA playing its part in the commercial development of Pakistan. 

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    Raza 3 years ago

    D.G.Khan Cement Company is the midst of the top list manufacturers of cement in Pakistan. It has a capacity of producing 14,000 tons of cement per day. D.G.Khan cement  plants are based on advanced dry technology. Two of the plants  are located at Dera Ghazi khan and one at Khairpur Distt. Chakwal.

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    Khaliq123 3 years ago

    Lucky Cemant Company & Pioneer Cement Compay are the top industries in Pakistan that provides qualitative production of cement.

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    Hamza 3 years ago

    LCL are renown for the production of quality cement in Pakistan, with a production capacity of 7.75tons/annum. It possess ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certificates. It is listed in all stock exchanges and is the 1st company exporting enormous quantities of loose cement. 

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    Naeemkhan 3 years ago

    Third largest cement factory of Pakistan is the Maple leaf cement company. As an alliance with the West Pakistan Industrial Corporation and Canadian government, it was set up in 1956. It operates two production sections for grey cement and one for white cement located at Daudkhel Distt.

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    Sufyan 3 years ago

     An accredited name in cement industry is that of Fauji cement incepted in Rawalpindi in the year 1992. It’s highly reputed as an excellent cement producer in Pakistan.

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