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Royal Estate - A Pakistani Real Estate Firm; devotes itself for rendering Professional Services in the field of Real Estate in Pakistan. Our Service circle covers Commercial, Residential, Retail and other types of Property. At our Enterprise, we are fully equipped to offer our discerning Clients the most Lucrative Opportunities. We have at least one option available in our Service-Portfolio for each of our Clients that suits their interests.

Our Commitment and Endeavors have left no question for Individuals and Organizations, which could hold our Reputation as a Leader in the field of Real Estate and Construction. Therefore, you can contact us in full Confidence to discuss your Needs/Requirements; whether you are planning to construct your own Home or willing to invest in Real Estate for the best and timely outcomes. 

We will continue to provide such a Service that could satisfy the Real Estate and Construction related needs of Pakistanis.

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> Homes in Pakistan
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> Rental property in Pakistan
> Construction in Pakistan

Registered & Authorized Estate by Defence Housing Authority and Excise & Taxation for 2012-2016.

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Raheel Ahmad In my opinion, Dedication, Self-confidence and Consistency are the Keys to Success and Growth in Life and Business. I am Raheel Ahmad and it is the Source of Great Privilege for me to Communicate with all my Clients through my Message and I hope you will Value my Words. Here, I am just going to shed some Light on the Role of our Agency in Real Estate Industry of Pakistan. In a relatively short time, our Agency has grown to all Regions of Pakistan, offering unmatched Levels of Service Excellence in Real Estate Industry. Since our Development, Royal Estate has won the Confidence of all Local and Overseas Pakistani Investors because we assist all our Stakeholders with Loyal Suggestions and ROI Opportunities. Thank you.

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