Chinese Investors showing keen Interest in Pakistan Real Estate Sector

Pakistan has become an important part of the platform that the Chinese government has reintroduced the Silk Route under the concept of connecting several roads. CPEC is the most important component of this platform that is actually the combination of different projects like railway tracks, roads, optic fiber cable, energy-producing units, and a dry port.

CPEC has brought the attention of many Chinese firms to visit Pakistan and invest in a number of different projects. With the perspective of this interest, Pakistani Ambassador to China Masood Khalid explained the China companies about investment opportunities and climate in Pakistan and welcomed them to invest in their Pakistan real estate sector.

Lahore Development Authority and commercial section of the Embassy of Pakistan has organized a road show and all the Chinese investors were invited to attend this show, where all the investment opportunities about Twin tower project in Lahore will be explained. It is the best effort of Pakistan government to bring the development and prosperity in Pakistan.

The government is providing all the investment opportunities equally to local and foreign investors and welcoming them to come forward and invest and get advantage from their pro-investment and pro-business policies. Since then, Pakistan and China are enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship and which will further extend and grow in the form of CPEC.

China Pakistan Corridor is a lead ship project and it would bring prosperity and development not only for both countries but for entire region. LDA spokesperson said “we are partners in the common objective of One Belt One Road Initiative”.

In the meeting, Pakistan ambassador has assured that this CPEC project will bring prosperity and economic stability in the entire region and all the credit institutions have shown their satisfaction on it.

A large number of Chinese workforce is visiting Pakistan with the perspective of investment in different projects. Pakistan has increased a number of flights for the convenience of Chinese businessmen who wishes to visit Pakistan and now it will only take less than six hours to reach in Pakistan.

Pakistan has conveyed LDA to build a beautiful Tower with modern facilities. And this proposed tower would have commercial stores, food courts, offices, cinema and this tower has planned to build in the center of Lahore.

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