Ask These 5 Questions to Your Neighbors Before You Seal the Deal

So, you think you’ve found the closest option to your dream home, you’ve done countless inspections with your agent to ensure that everything’s perfect. You’re almost ready to seal the deal and go for the jump.

But! Are You Sure You Know Everything?

We get it, it’s very frustrating to come to a conclusion on a place that feels the most suitable. Well, what's better than to get that from the neighbors? Not only will you be able to get the intel on other residents but various other factors. Because let’s face it. No one will know the area better than the residents who live there.

However, it seems a little awkward to approach strangers, it could actually come in pretty handy.

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If you’re not aware of what you should be asking, we’ve arranged five perceptive questions that will provide you beneficial information to make a better judgement.  

  1. ‘Describe the area and what it’s like living here?’ One way to get loads of good intel all at once is to ask your neighbors to describe where they live to you. Most of the time agents are allowed to disclose only a minimal amount of information so asking your neighbors is a good option.

They can possibly provide information from their perspective regarding security and other factors.

  1. ‘Do particular schools have a reputation of being strong or weak in a certain area?’

This is a major priority for most residents when they move into a new society or sorority. A good and recognized school automatically adds up to the property value. You can find ratings and reviews online but what’s better than hearing from the residents about their kids who have enrolled in these local educational institutes. This will further ensure your decision as your children can transfer to a school closer to home.

  1. ‘How do people like to socialize in the neighborhood?’

It is better to ask your neighbors to understand what the social scene is in your neighborhood. Whether people prefer get-togethers or go for a more peaceful vibe alone in their backyard.

  1. ‘If you could change anything about the neighborhood, what would it be?’ With this question you can expect the resident to discuss any drawbacks they’ve faced throughout their stay or anything that might become an inconvenience to you later on when you move in.
  2. ‘Is there anything I should be aware of in this property?’

The question you’re probably itching to ask is whether your choice is a good one or not. Regardless of how honest your seller is ought to be your neighbors might be willing to reveal more than you can imagine. If you seem to be running in to some problems there could be a chance your neighbors have or are going through the similar thing. This could further help you in your final decision making.

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So, if you go according to these questions you are bound to stumble across a few gems that will definitely assist you to either seal the deal or end it. Good luck on your hunt!

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