Ground Floor Vs. First Floor Living

The one of the most common unavoidable difference between living on the first floor and living on the ground floor is the amount of rent that you have to pay for both portions. The fact about these two portions is the rent of the ground floor which is significantly high than the rent of the first floor due to easy access to parking and many other factors.

Now it’s your preference whether you go for first floor or ground floor because both decisions typically depend on your budget and likings.

We hope this article will help you in doing your cost versus benefit analysis and based on that analysis, you can easily take your decision between the ground floor and the first floor.

It is a very common practice that rent attached to the ground floor is always higher than the first floor due to many returns and benefits being attached to it.

Here are some benefits of living on ground floor:

The ground floor has always a garage space which provides access to valid and safe parking of your vehicles. Yes, you have to share your space with the people living on the first floor, but the fact remains same that only you have got an easy and direct access to that parking. This will provide you an easy way of maintenance and care of your vehicles. There may be a possibility of lawn on the ground floor thus you can also enjoy the facility of gardening and landscaping on your ground floor.

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One of the desirable features of the ground floor is that you are probably to get the main entrance to the house which is very favorable. The main entrance of the house is appealing as compared to the side entrance which leads to the first floor.

If you are living on ground floor. You will be saved from the disturbance of moving your furniture from ground floor to upstairs.

There are many other important factors which are considered to be the features of ground floor living like easy access to rooms to avoid the health issues, convenience in answering the door etc.

Higher rent for ground floor is being compensated with the features and benefits attached to it. As it provides a direct access to garage and parking, so you can easily take a responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the garage and your lawn. But if you are living on the first floor, you can also use your part of the garage which has been decided according to the contract without taking any responsibility. 

If you have a family with all the young people who have no serious issues then stairs should not be an issue. Many other issues attached to living on the first floor can be reduced by making some adjustments and then enjoy the living on the first floor with paying lesser rent.

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The first floor provides many benefits to its tenants like avoidance of noise which let them live peacefully. Moreover, first-floor tenants enjoy the open space in the form of terrace, roof and balcony’s view.

Both the floors have their own pros and cons. It’s all about your choice whether you go for first floor or ground floor.

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