Agricultural Land Around Lahore Has Numerous Opportunities For Investors

The desire of having your own land isn't something new but its usage has changed now.  Decades ago, buying a land meant purchasing an agricultural land for harvesting crops. But today, many people want to use it for other purposes. If you compare agricultural land with the property in housing societies, agricultural land is much cheaper because it is on the outskirts of the city. So, this land can also be used for residential purposes. If you're looking for a bigger piece of land, then you may find this post quite helpful.

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Existing Trends:

The trend of living in farmhouses among the elite in the city is rising day by day. These people usually use their farmhouses for farming and recreation.  Some people say it's unwise to use such productive land for recreation as this land can be used for other purposes such as; for growing vegetables and raising livestock.


There are some suitable areas in Lahore which can be used for small-scale farming. The whole border area, including Canal from Jallo, is quite appropriate for farming. In actual fact, it is already being used by villagers there. It's a good idea to invest in such area so the buyer can grow other items as well rather than seasonal crops. Because at this time, the need for food is growing quickly because of an uncontrolled increase in the population.

In addition to that, you can also purchase agricultural land in Ferozepur Road. A big part of the land, including Ferozepur  Road, is also marked as an agricultural land, which means, it cannot be used for other purposes except farming. There are also some options still available between the villages of Lahore and Pattoki. Since the traveling distance from these areas to Lahore city is manageable, traveling to your farm wouldn't be a huge problem for you.

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The per acre rate in areas that lie close to the city Lahore, is comparatively higher because the property owners believe that soon these areas will become a part of Lahore and will become appealing for real estate developers. But if you move away from the city, the price of the land will automatically decrease.

If you move closer to a city, then land that is close to the main road has higher per acre rate but the value of the land that lies on Pakistan-India Border is low-priced.  Also,  agricultural land in main areas like; Bedian Road, Ferozepur Road and  Multan Road is much higher. Per acre rates in such areas can be as high as PKR 20 million.

With real estate marketing taking a turn in favor of genuine buyers with suitable rates, one of the ways to generate income from land could be through farming.



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