Green Line-Metro Karachi - A Turning Point For Karachi's Infrastructural Development?

Karachi is one of the most populous city in Pakistan with a population of 32 million people and to deal with such a huge population is not an easy task. There's always heavy traffic on roads which leads to severe traffic jams and the transportation facilities are not good enough. Now, the Government of Pakistan has decided to start a new project in Karachi under the name of Green Line Metro Bus.

Green Line Project:

Engineering Associates were contracted as the supervision consultants and designers for Green Line project and for traffic engineering, Think Transportation is associated with this Green Line project. According to an estimate, Green Line Metro can handle 350,000 passengers per day. The construction of this project started on 26 February 2016. This Green Line Metro Bus will have 22 bus stations when completed and the Government is also providing 80 buses for this project. This facility will provide maximum benefit to thousands of people in Karachi, who travel on local transport on daily basis.

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Route of Green Line Project:

The route of Green Line Metro Bus will start from Surjani Town to M.A Jinnah Road and its other expected routes are:

  • Railway Road
  • Moulvi Tamizuddin Road
  • Business Recorder Road
  • Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Road
  • Shahrah-e-Sher Shah Suri
  • Shahrah-e-Usman
  • Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi Road
  • Eid Gah ground Station

Objectives of Green Line Project:

The main objectives of this project are defined below:

  1. To improve the quality of life for travelers in Karachi
  2. To provide safe, reasonable, fast and reliable BRT bus service
  3. To improve the quality of public transport system in Karachi
  4. To provide a facility so that commuters can reach their destination on time.

Current Status of Green Line Project:

According to the current news, this project is still under construction but it will be completed by the end of this year, 2017.  The residents along the project will be benefited from this speedy and latest transportation facility. 80% of the work on this Green Line project has been already completed. The work is being done according to the schedule and the construction has entered into its ending phase.  The interchange of Board office Chowrangi has also completed. The government has decided to extend routes of Green Line Metro bus. So there will be an increase in the number of bus stops and buses and the capacity of passengers after the completion of the Green Line project.


This project is going to be very helpful for those people who travel on public transport and it is also going to provide well-organized, comfortable and reliable public transport. There will be a visible reduction in traffic jams. Another benefit of Green Line project is that it will also bring environmental benefit. It is a positive step towards the modern transportation facility and developmental progress in Karachi. This mega development project will be a blessing for the citizens of Karachi and it will end up more beautifully than the Lahore Metro bus project.

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