Make The Right Investment By Choosing The Right Plot Size

The information, which involves more than two million property listings gathered from across the country, takes a look at how property fared between May 2016 and May 2017. With a specific end goal to recognize the right plot size that guarantees bigger profits in return, I have examined most prominent price trends of the last year.

Data Observations:

Compared to the real estate price trends of last year, the normal cost of 5-marla private plots in Pakistan has fallen. In terms of numbers, the fall is a minor 1.43%, recorded between May 2016 and May 2017.

Essentially, the price trends of last year indicated that there was room for growth in the rate of 10-marla plots and our most recent details demonstrate that said development did occur without any doubt. As indicated by the data of last year, the normal market estimation of a 10-marla plot in Pakistan has gone up by 4.19% in just one year.

For 1-kanal plots, the normal cost went up by 3.32% between May 2016 and May 2017. About this plot size, we saw a drop in demand among the genuine buyers a year ago but the trust that investors favor 1-kanal residential plots, their rates may not go down.

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5-Marla Category:

During the period of May and August 2016, the average cost of 5-marla private plots in Pakistan took after an upward direction. Amid this high tide, the rates crossed the PKR 4 million check in September 2016 but began to fall in the coming months. The explanation behind this drop was the imposition of new tax scheme in July 2016.

Currently, the normal rate of a 5-marla private plot in Pakistan is PKR 3.69 million.

10-Marla Category:

A steady rise in price was seen in 10-marla plots during May and September 2016. The decline activated by the implementation of new tax reforms was also subtle. and opposite to 5-marla plots, the market estimation of 10-marla plots began to go up once again in March 2016.

Right now, the average cost of a 10-marla private plot in Pakistan is PKR 6.25 million.

1-Kanal Category:

The cost of 1-kanal private plots began to drop in October 2016. By February 2017, their cost had dropped to PKR 12.95 million. The next months, however, brought along some momentum for the property sector and the normal rate of 1-kanal plots began to go up once again.

In comparison with the details recorded back in May 2016, there is a normal value appreciation of about 3.32%. the most recent details taken from the market reveal that a 1-kanal plot costs around PKR 13.29 million.


According to some recent surveys, the normal market rate of 10-marla residential plots in Pakistan is undervalued by at least PKR 1 million. Along these lines, ideally speaking, there is a great room for development in this plot category of plots.

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