DHA Gujranwala 10 Marla Files for sale

DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale is the hottest real estate topic these days. Most of the potential investors are interested in the DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale due to the reason that it is the best and most secure investment opportunity in that locality. As you know that at Rightdeed.com we always try to bring you the latest property updates as well as our optimum efforts are to make all the property related issues simpler for you.

The investors who are interested in purchasing the DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale must be aware of the through proper channel procedure of the allotment and file transfer along with the proper guide line for all that process. Our real estate experts at Rightdeed.cm have analyzed the whole procedure and devised this guide for File purchase and transfer. If you act upon all these points, your file will be transferred at yours name or vice versa with any sort of hindrance.

How to Start the Process?

The most important thing you should keep in mind before you properly start the procedure of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale or purchase is that:

You (allot tee / transferor) desiring to transfer your plot or share will have to appear in DHA Office in Person.

Before you start the proper process of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale, you will have to produce the following documents in this regard:

  •      Application addressed to the Secretary requesting for transfer of allotment of plot.
  •     An Affidavit on a PRs. 50/- duly attested by the Oath Commissioner
  •        Original allotment / transfer / allocation or intimation letter
  •        Attested Photocopies of Computerized National Identity Cards of both parties
  •        You cannot possess any sort of Demand Certificate, site plan etc.; before transfer.
  •        Clearance regarding TIP / Property Tax / House Tax
  •        Redemption deed in case of mortgaged property
  •       Bank clearance letter and original permission to mortgage will also have to be provided by the transferor
  •       It must be noted that any of the above-mentioned documents shall not bear any sort of cutting and over-writing in the contents.

DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale transfer procedures

For further carrying on the transfer procedure of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale you must present the all the above documents with minor changes about which you will get guidance from the DHA office or your agent. However, if you are living abroad and want to indulge in the process of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale then the transfer procedure may change with the following additions:

In case the member cannot personally show himself in DHA Gujranwala Office his or her representative will have to get the specimen of general power of attorney from Transfer Desk.

After the filling, up of requisite particulars you will have to report to Pakistan Embassy / High Commission in order to attest all such submitted documents on your behalf.

After the proper completion of the previous step Pakistan Embassy / High Commission will officially submit the power of attorney to the camp office of foreign affairs respectively

After the general power of attorney is being collected, the attorney will have to visit the Registrar of local court for preceding the registration process.

After that it is up to the Registrar / Sub Registrar that he or she may submit the documents through official or personal channel to foreign affairs office for further verification purposes.

 Urgent Transfer of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale

It is very satisfying that the urgent transfer of DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale can be carried out within one day now, applying the condition that if any of the parties (seller or buyer) agrees to pay PRs 34,000.00 as urgent transfer fee. The notable point in this regard is that this rule shall not be applicable to the constructed buildings and is specific for the plots. Moreover, urgent transfer letter will be issued on next working day.

 We hope that if you want to buy any sort of file, specifically the DHA Gujranwala Files 10 Marlas for sale, all the above guide lines would prove to be more than useful for you. In case you have any sort of enquiries, feel free to write in the comments section.


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