Buy a Plot in Royal Residencia for the Ultimate Royal Feeling

Not a new name in the real estate sector of Lahore, Husnain Cotex is the parent concern institute of Royal Residencia, which has many successful projects on its credits. No doubt Royal Residencia is also Housing Society which is fully equipped with all the futuristic and innovative approach you need to plan your ideal future residence.

At Royal Residencia you can build a home where you will experience full fledge comfort and all sorts of feelings enhanced by world-class security services and amenities. Moreover, Royal Residencia is a place where you can build a dwelling place at an affordable price. In this article we would present the latest round up of Royal Residencia which will help you select a plat or home whatever you choose in that ideal society of Lahore.

Why should you choose Royal Residencia?

We have mentioned already a lot about the qualities of Royal Residencia, but still there are things we must mention in terms of amenities and facilities offered by the administration and town planners of Royal Residencia. It is furnished with the following everyday amenities:

  •         Sewerage
  •         Electricity
  •         Water Supply
  •         Sui Gas
  •         Boundary Wall
  •         Community Center

As a matter of fact all the above amenities are a part and parcel of each and every society these days, but you must be thinking that what is the edge of Royal Residencia for which we must prefer it over other societies. Well, we are discussing these special amenities which are in fact the royal one, only available in that specific style at Royal Residencia:

Community Center

A highly facilitated community center is a place in Royal Residencia which has a lot to offer. At the community center all the all members from any age group, can meet and mix up with each other for various social as well as commodity related activities for example social and business agendas, concerts, performances, lectures, matrimonial and much more much more.


Royal Mini Golf Course

Playful activities and various sports are very much necessary for our physical and mental health. Royal Residencia has already all that in mind that is why a mini golf course has been designed for its inhabitants. No doubt it will be a gift for professional golfers as well as those who have zeal to learn that sport. This golf course will also offer a majestic panoramic view to all the luxury houses surrounding it.

Royal Shopping Mall

Designed according to all the international standards, the Royal Commercial area with shopping malls, grocery stores and business centers is a state-of-the-art facility for the residents of Royal Residencia. It has enclosed walkways to make it easy for pedestrians of all age groups with all the safety measures. Moreover, it has been designed with Italian theme of architecture which is quiet rare in Pakistan. Here you can easily get a variety of items, from household products to eatables, at affordable rates.

Royal Cineplex

For the entertainment of its valued residents, Royal Residencia is equipped with the world class leading architect Nayyer Ali Dada designed six screen Cineplex. It is a marvel in itself with state-of-the-art facilities in first class entertaining environment. Moreover, it is surrounded by a number of fast-food and tuck shops along with an extra belt of shopping area. Many famous restaurant chains have already expressed their deep interest in that life time entertaining business opportunity.

Youssef Mosque

Another marvel of architecture designed by Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates, Youssef Mosque is a master piece. No need to mention, it is the largest mosque in Royal Residencia. It has an accommodative capacity of over 2000 prayers. It has been designed according to the ancient Spanish Muslim era architecture. The Royal courtyard and corridors lead to the main halls of prayer equipped with marvelous minarets and a grand dome.

In addition to the above, Royal Residencia has the following facilities too:

  •         Schools Chain
  •         Hospital
  •         Parks & Green Areas
  •         Royal Gym
  •         Royal Marquee
  •         Wildlife Theme Park


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