The Investment Opportunities Of PKR 2.5 Crore And Above In DHA

DHA is always in the highlights and has become the goose of Pakistan's real estate market. However, with a seemingly unlimited amount of choice, where does a new or an experienced investor start their hunt?

Looking into a potential investment hotspot can be overwhelming, so we are here to help make it simpler for you.

Phase 5, M Block, Lahore:

Those giving consideration to DHA Phase 5 will know that there is an underpass under construction that will associate the M block with the A block of this popular zone. The rate right now is 150-170 lacs. Investigators anticipate that the cost will take off to 20 million or more once ownership is settled. Buyers attracted to one Kanal plots here will put a premium on the area above of all. While the facilities at M square are of high standard, they are not as good as Phase 8 and so on.

Phase 8:

There are a few alternatives with regards to making an investment in Phase 8. Hot zones right now incorporate S block, T block, and X block. Costs at T block are the most elevated, with X lagging behind because of issues related to the Chacho Wali Village. S block has a primary advantage because of the fact that it is close to the soon-to-be-constructed general hospital.

Phase 7:

A few areas of Phase 7 still can't seem to have the uplift experienced in Phase 6. The likes of Q block, S block, U block, and Y block would be the areas for properties with the highest return rates.

You could without much of a stretch manage a return of up to 25%; freeing up some funding to put resources into other zones of DHA.

Phase XI Rahbar:

This is an awesome alternative because of the planned development in LDA. Balloting is en route too which will add a value to the individuals who swoop in right on time.

Once the southern part of the ring road is finished, access to and from Phase XI will become a lot easier; another factor in the normal value uptick. The area is best suited to somebody near Wapda Town or Valencia.

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