Southern Loop Construction of Lahore Ring Road So Far

The official announcement of the finishing of the new Lahore Ring Road – Southern Loop has flourished a wide range of opportunities for an overall economic lift. According to news reports, the government has begun the construction work as well. Fortunately, two loops have been completed excluding the third loop which had been a victim of several controversies.

Going back to 1992, that’s when the initial plan of Lahore Ring Road had started. Where the Government around then stepped up and took the initiative of linking major routes within the city to highways. Since 1992, the task fulfillment is pending because of political issues, the absence of administration, and different obstacles because of pressure groups.

Initial developments include:

  • Completion of the Northern Loop
  • 35% completion of the Southern Loop

Earlier this year, the Government announced the inauguration date of the project to be in August 2017.

The course of Lahore ring road begins from Babu Sabu and stretches out towards Thokar Niaz Baig, surrounding Saggian Interchange and different ranges. The Southern Loop begins from Sui Gas Town including Babu Sabu where it passes the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M-2) crossing Raiwand street at Adda Plot, Ferozepur Road at Gaju Matta, and Multan Road at Maraka next to Berger Paint Factory.

Lahore Ring Road (LRR) potentially affects the transport business and the real estate markets in Lahore. LRR encourages transportation system and lifts business movement in this manner making openings for work and encouraging easier inner city traveling.

LRR has both positive and negative impacts on the real estate market. On one side, LRR had added a premium to property costs in the area. However, LRR course is confronting solid disagreements lead by local groups. For instance, the protestors of Bahria Town Sector-F are now starting to pick up the attention of the media. Although, Bahria Town Lahore has recently repaid the affected.

Then again, the positive effect of the ring road is that with its completion, property costs in Bahria Orchard Phase 4, Lake City, and other neighboring communities will rise empowering most extreme advantage to property advertisers, financial specialists, and different partners.

The development of Southern Loop of LRR expands the prospects for future advancement in Lahore, Pakistan; raising economic action and transportation improvements of the city. With the finishing of LRR's southern loop, industrial development at the large scale level in Lahore will at last impact the national development.

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