How The Extension Of Metro Bus Islamabad Impacted The Nearby Societies

In January 2017, we heard the news that National Highway Authority has chosen to broaden the Islamabad Metro Bus line for Rs. 18 billion. It sounded such a familiar and a formal declaration from the Government. Shareef brothers have always trusted that road system and transportation ventures are key to economic development.

Later in May, then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the project of development of Metro transport route, continuing till New Islamabad Airport.

Project Status:

As indicated by the news released, the 25.6 km track from Peshawar Mor to New Islamabad Airport has been prepared by fourteenth August 2017, at the cost of PKR 18 billion. Three organizations; NLC, FWO, and Metricon have taken care of this project.

There are two parallel paths developed along Kashmir Highway and the motorway. The task is partitioned into two sections; Peshawar Mor to G-13, and from G-13 to N-5 exchange. 4 exchanges and 14 stopovers have been constructed.

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Price Impact On Nearby Societies:

The project plan comprises of 4 interchanges at Golra Mor, N-5 Interchange, M-1/M-1 Interchange and Top City Interchange. There will be 12 bus stops, 11 underpasses, and 12 bridges. In our other post, we revealed to you the normal effect of New Islamabad Airport on the neighboring societies. What effect do you think; this value-added venture will leave on the neighboring societies?

Now we will extend our current analysis to make the photo clearer. Just by the start of development of this Metro Bus Service expansion, the costs have expanded by 10%-20% of the neighboring societies.


The work for this project is underway days and nights. Presumably, road network and transportation ventures are necessary for financial development. This project will include an incentive in a way that it would associate far-flung areas to urban centers, thereby, enhance the financial state of the people.

You can clearly observe that in only 2 months, the costs have begun to rise due to this metro transport. If you need an economical plot in Islamabad, at that point the neighboring societies close to New Islamabad Airport must be your first choice. It is certainly going to offer fruitful benefits later on.

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