Hussain Asghar is Selected as Head of Debt Inquiry Commission

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Deputy Chairman Hussain Asghar of the National Investigation Bureau (NAB) as head of debt inquiry commission for the purpose of investigating the country's huge debt over the last 10 years.


The choice is another move by the Pakistan government of Tehreek-e-Insafe, said Faisal Javed, senior PTI senator in pursuit of the country's accountability system.


The national wealth plunderers were looted of about Rs 24,000 billion from the nation and moved them overseas during the last 10 years.


Javed said that all men would be held responsible before the country and the money that was stolen would add to the national kitty.


The resistance in the House cried out to avoid the method of accountability. It found that there were only two families that exploited the country badly, while their wealth, property and businesses had increased.


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