Declare Your Assets or Face the Law: Imran Khan

Premier Imran Khan requested the public to register the property before the June 30 date in an interview with the private channel. He said also that no one can harass taxpayers. He pledged to implement FBR reforms at all levels. The Prime Minister of Pakistan called for individuals in another appeal to the country to take the chance to register their undeclared property under the fiscal amnesty scheme.


There would not be any extension after June 30. Whether declare the assets or face the law.

“Installments will also be given but no extension after June 30,” said Imran Khan.


In the previous ten years, we have taken many loans, and govt received the smallest taxes. he said to the general public. Roughly half the revenue is paid for these debts by interest.


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There was the general talk among the masses that their tax money would not spend on them rather go down in corruption. He said but he also pledged to spend the tax money in the best interest of the nation. He said that” but I promise that it would definitely be spent on them”.

The Prime Minister also explained that the system did not include non-custom paid cars but that custom paid and undeclared cars can be proclaimed under it.

 “Benami property will be confiscated in addition to other punishment,” he mentioned.


The Prime Minister has constantly called on the country to declare its Benami property in accordance with the tax amnesty scheme. There are speculations that the tax amnesty system date will not be increased as the IMF has not supported the amnesty system, and the new budget is created on an International Monetary fund.


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