Not A Nutrient Milk, PFA Fined 2 Dairy Units and Warns 27 Others

LAHORE:  Taking the law into consideration, Punjab food authority charged and sued two dairy units and warned other 27 units while checking dairy production units in Punjab. The action was taken on Wednesday.

The PFA Director General Usman informed that team has inspected 30 units, 20 in Lahore, 5 in Rawalpindi, 3 in Muzaffargarh, and 2 in Multan. While addressing he also added that the purpose of the inspection to ensure healthy milk to people according to the vision of PM and CM Punjab. 

PFA collected 13 samples of milk products during inspection and sent them for analysis to accredited laboratories. He said that after the sampling campaign, PFA would share the results of the lab with the public. He added that the failed dairy products would not be allowed to market their products and their inventories would be removed from the market in line with standard operating procedures.

Muhammad Usman said the authority is checking all food items/ products according to annual sampling schedule for 2019.

Rescue 1122: During the Ashura procession, 1122 services provided first aid to 53,018 injured mourners, and shifted hospital to serious injured which were nearly about 1,298 mourners.


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Dressing and optimal first-aid have been provided to the mourners, who had been injured by self-flagellation and 1,298 serious injuries and deep cuts were taken to the hospital after first-aid treatment. Moreover, one death from a cardiac arrest shifted to Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital on 10th of Muharram.

The group of medical and rescue service providers in Punjab was assigned to more than 11,000 Rescuers, 600 ambulances in motorbikes, 763 ambulances, 71 firefighters and specialized vehicles. In Lahore in particular, 90 rescuers were left for accidental emergency with 50 fully-equipped ambulances, 297 motorcycle ambulances, 18 rescue vehicles, two snorkels, seven specialized cars, six emergency vehicles, one Water Rescue Van, one Recovery and Urban Search and Rescue Team.


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