What Are The Most Secure Places In Karachi To Rent A House?

Are you a complete stubborn with regards to Karachi's current state? In the event that you are wanting to move to Karachi, get readied to know good areas from the bad ones. Karachi citizens are desensitized to high-level threats and seeing armed guards has become a norm in the city, but if you have recently moved to the city our rundown will enable you to pick a place to rent in a secure area.


Clifton is home to a large number of our country's biggest companies with numerous multinational organizations like Nestle setting up shop. What's more, numerous nations have their international offices in Clifton, for instance, Britain, China, Italy, Russia, and Switzerland.

A significant number of the flat buildings have high security which incorporates 24/7 watchmen and CCTV. Spots like Frere Town, Bath Island, and Paradise Tower are considered among the more secure options in the safe suburb.

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The Defense Housing Authority comes top-of-mind for many people when they think of safe places to live in Karachi. Split between 8 phases, DHA is comprehensively viewed as the chief place to dwell in the clamoring city.

Security is the top priority of management and for this purpose, DHA security forces are equipped with the most advanced weapon. Their guards are ex-servicemen from the armed forces of Pakistan.

For rapid response, a helpline is set up which links the main control room with the Rangers, police, CPLC, and Edhi through phone and wireless networks. Phase 6 and Phase 8 are viewed as the most secure.

Naval Housing Scheme:

NHS is situated in Karsaz which is widely viewed as one of the most secure places in Karachi. It is surrounded by the PAF base so the risk level is low which has made the area synonymous with high security.

Creek Vista:

The security level in Creek Vista is enough to put off the most impassioned criminal. Every condo is fitted with motion detectors; one on the entrance and other in the lounge.

The detectors activate an alarm as soon as the movement is detected. To raise the security, even more, panic buttons are added to every room, lounge area, television room, and servant quarter. Just press the alarm and security will rush the building.

Door sensors are another essential resistance against criminals. The main entrance and the kitchen door are furnished with magnets which if ruptured sets off an alarm.

Moreover, the entire block is observed by CCTV 24/7. The entrance is observed the guards keep an elevated perspective of everybody entering the building day and night.

Areas To Avoid:

  • Korangi
  • North Karachi
  • Lyari
  • Sohrab
  • Goth

Areas To Enter With Raised Caution:

  • Aladdin Park
  • Disco Bakery
  • Dolmen Mall
  • Baloch colony bridge
  • Millennium Mall
  • Iqra University
  • NIPA
  • Ambala bakery
  • Continental Bakery

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