Wooden Doors with Changing House Trends

Designers and retailers search all year round the trends in home decoration, but this pattern pursuit is overdriven twice a year, hitting the biannual high point event, the biggest furniture fair in the world and the spotlight for what will happen in design. It has everything on show from textures to furnishings and decor. But all furniture and decoration will fade away if the door is not up to the mark. The year has seen a remarkable shift in Chinioti wooden door with different kinds. We're here to tell you what you're going to see in this article. Put trust in us.

You can also build a beautiful façade using the wooden outside doors and windows of your house. Besides, you have to choose them carefully, because they have to witness extreme weather conditions. Some of the best materials for doors and windows you can choose are steel, wood and metal tinted glass doors. You'll see fantastic examples of Pakistani homes in this idea section of our website.


Full Sized Wooden Door

A full-sized wooden door such as this is an excellent choice if you have a grand home. The exquisite door carving often defines the layout. 


 Single Leaf Wooden Door

Having a tiny doorway with a similar-looking single door becomes much more convenient. Usually, designers made it light grey to make it look elegant.


Wooden Door With Glass

You could dress your entrance door in the middle with a glass panel if you don't like the plain simple wooden door. It will jazz up your house.


Rustic Old Looking Wooden Door

Some owners have a taste to give home an ancient look even if they have built a modern home in a porch part of the city. To give a look, it is necessary to give it at first while entering. It is necessary to build a door with similar effects in the house which are more on the rustic model. This is why the owners selected an entry consisting of iron knobs of barrel wood.


Modern Looking Wooden Door

Contrary to rustic looking door design is a Modern Style Wooden Door. It's another way to modernize the door.  The idea is to choose a wooden frame with rectangular glass panels.


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The Wooden Door That Gives a Rural Touch

If you want a more traditional door, then similar designs can be included on the panel. Adding a painted glass to the top gives it a distinctive rural haveli look.


Side Glass Panels Door

If you want to create a new model by using glass or timber, try to put the panels sideways. You will love a sturdy wooden door with beautiful glass panels.


Different Colors Embodied in One Door

Multi colors can also be integrated into your front door to make it look lovely. Colors give happiness to life so to the door.


With Metal Strips in Door

If you want complete privacy and your old door have glass strips then you can change those glass strips with metal or steel strips. It will definitely look perfect as well gives you complete privacy.


Carved Classic Wooden Doors

You can choose a fully-designed carved door instead of just carving on a small section of the door. This type of doors usually found in Kashmir and reflects fully our Chinioti craftsmanship.


Final Thought

The door is a highly critical house component. Door's basic objective is to provide security and protection. It contributes significantly to the house's aesthetic view. With the right design and material of the selected door, the design of every room can be louded.

Different options based on customer choice, design and budget are available. The choice of material depends entirely on your personal choice.

Doors make a house appear attractive and play an important part. With every day the trends grow and change. Prices can vary considerably due to inflation. The selection of product, model, and expenditure once again totally depends on the owner.


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